Why Rowing Machines and Spin Bikes are The Best for Fully Body Workouts

Why Rowing Machines and Spin Bikes are The Best for Fully Body Workouts

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When it comes to working out, full-body workouts are often the form of workout that we all love to hate. Days of soreness to follow, working out all of our muscles on the same day, are something that not many people enjoy doing compared to targeting other common muscle families like our arms, legs, and core. However, with the right equipment working out, our leg muscles can become far more enjoyable.

Today on the market, there is a wide range of workout equipment designed to target and work our muscles in a variety of different ways. Within this wide range of equipment available, a few stand above others as being some of the best for integrating into your workout routine.

Firstly, rowing machines provide a great form of cardio and have even been categorized as one of the most efficient exercise forms by many. When performing one single stroke on a rowing machine, almost every family of muscles within your body is activated working to provide a full-body workout in a singular movement.

Additionally, it is said that rowing works to burn nearly two or three times more calories than traditional forms of exercise. Largely this is because rowing machines have resistance in both directions versus many other common exercise equipment that just provide resistance in one direction.


Because of this dual resistance, rowing machines can enforce twice the effort on those using it, helping to nearly double the number of calories burned during a workout.

Secondly, spinner bikes provide another highly beneficial piece of exercise equipment for developing an effective and enjoyable full-body workout. Not only do spin bikes encourage a huge number of calories to be burned, but they also help to reinforce leg and core strength while simultaneously allowing you to set your own pace while you work out.

With the ability to adjust resistance and maintain a suitable speed for your needs, spin bikes provide a great option for those looking to develop a strong all-encompassing workout routine. Additionally, spinning puts significantly less pressure on your feet and knees, making it a more comfortable form of exercise for those of us that may be prone to joint pain in these key areas.

Full-body workouts are often not everyone’s cup of tea. The idea of targeting all of our muscle groups at the same time leads to thoughts of soreness in the days to come and muscle fatigue immediately following our workout.

However, this does not always have to be the case with full-body workouts. With the right equipment like rowing machines and spin bikes, it’s possible to have a comfortable and enjoyable workout that works to target a wide range of muscle groups within our bodies and burn an immense number of calories as well aiding in weight loss and overall optimal physical health.

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