4 Tips to Shop for Your Perfect Wedding Jewelry

4 Tips to Shop for Your Perfect Wedding Jewelry

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If you are getting married anytime soon, you will understand how planning your own wedding can be challenging. From making arrangements for your guests to deciding a delectable food menu, there are numerous aspects that have to be taken care of. Your jewelry is one such critical facet. Selecting the right jewelry completes your wedding outfit. It enhances your wedding day charm and adds a final touch of shimmer to your overall look.

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Since every bride is unique and special, so should be the ornaments on her big day. Though it is natural to feel overwhelmed as you explore hundreds of different styles and options, you can dazzle amongst the crowd effortlessly by following the below-mentioned tips:

1. Buy the Dress First

While it may seem like a no-brainer, a lot of girls end up buying jewelry before getting their hands on an appropriate dress and later regret splashing out money on a piece that looks different than what they had imagined.

The wedding dress of the bride is the hero of the day. Hence, it is vital that you get the dress first and hold back until the final details and finishes of the gown are complete. Once your attire for the occasion is complete, select the jewels that compliment it.

2. Be Subtle Yet Fashionable

When choosing the bridal jewelry, always remember that whatever piece of ornaments you choose it should add a finishing touch to your outfit and not snatch away the whole attention towards itself. Also, ensure that you pick something that is classic and timeless.

Sometimes a simple pair of drop earrings or a bracelet is all you need to rock your wedding photoshoot. Search for elegant styles that won’t upstage your dress but looks glamorous at the same time. Don’t purchase bold pieces that cannot be worn with your other dresses later.

3. Explore Different Colors

Gone are the days when the brides wore only white and silver. Today, modern brides are demanding a variety of color options for their wedding trousseau, including the ornaments. While diamond jewelry with diamond accents has always been a classic choice, it is good to take a look at other options as well.

Sapphires, amethysts, and clear pink morganite are a hot trend these days. There are also yellow or chocolate-colored diamonds for diamond lovers.

4. Invest in Quality Diamonds

Your wedding jewelry is an investment; hence, make sure that you buy something that you can wear after the big day and lasts you a lifetime. Be specific about the quality you choose. Pay attention to the cuts you are going for as rough cuts can make your jewelry look cheap.

Contact GIA-Certified Gemologists/Appraisers that have specialized in the identification, evaluation & appraisals of diamonds, colored stones, pearls & jewelry to ensure that you get the best diamonds at the best price.


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