4 Benefits of Using an Electric Furnace

4 Benefits of Using an Electric Furnace

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An electric furnace can offer you many benefits. A new electric furnace’s advantages could make purchasing an appealing alternative to using an oil or gas furnace. Discover four major benefits of using an electric furnace.

Efficiently Generates Heat

Compared to oil or gas furnaces, electric furnaces generate heat more efficiently because they do not require any special additions in your home, such as chimneys. Other furnaces require these additions for the removal of gases or smoke that they make.

An electric furnace also has a higher annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. According to the US Department of Energy, the AFUE rating relates to a furnace’s efficiency at converting fuel into heat. A furnace that runs on electricity is very efficient in this area, with a 95%-100% AFUE rating. This furnace also uses less fuel when compared to other types of furnaces.

Produces Less Pollution


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Electric furnaces produce less pollution than other furnaces. Unlike a gas or oil furnace, which can release carbon monoxide, an electric furnace will not send unhealthy pollutants into the air of your home. So you can use this furnace to heat your home without worrying about whether it is releasing toxic substances into your indoor air.

As the pollutants released by oil or gas furnaces can pose serious health risks to people, an electric furnace’s impact on indoor air quality is a key benefit of purchasing an electric furnace.

Lasts Longer

The product life cycle (PLC) of an electric furnace is longer than that of a gas furnace. You can use an electric furnace for about 20 years, while a gas furnace is unlikely to last for more than 15 years. An electric furnace’s key benefit increases buyers’ likelihood of gaining a substantial return on their initial investment.

To benefit from this feature of your HVAC system, you should invest in regular maintenance, increase the PLC, make the machine more energy-efficient, and reduce the risk of expensive repairs in the long term.

Affordable Cost

An electric furnace costs less than its alternatives about the purchase price. Purchasing a furnace is usually a large investment, so saving money on the initial outlay is a major benefit of opting for an electric furnace. Keep in mind that the relatively high electricity costs in most areas of the U.S. are a deterrent to using this furnace.

Overall, using a programmable thermostat, using renewable energy sources for your electricity, choosing an electric furnace that consumes energy more efficiently, or investing in HVAC maintenance to avoid expensive repairs in the future are methods to lower usage costs.

Now, there are many benefits of using an electric furnace. Still, it is important to take suitable precautions to avoid high electricity costs associated with this type of furnace. Using precautions that reduce energy usage can make opting for an electric furnace a sensible choice.

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