Will The Water Last?

Will The Water Last?

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Over the years, the population of the world has grown to over 7 billion, making the demand for water greater than it’s ever been. We use water for almost everything. Our human bodies have to have it to live, we swim in it , bathe in it, use it to cook with, wash our dishes and clothes, go fishing, etc. We must have water, but it is becoming a rare find. Where is it going? How do we fix the problem? These questions need to be answered and soon. Below is some information you may not know, but should.

Is It Really Dwindling?

The straightforward answer is no. The world’s water supply is not wanting, but the population is growing, thus the demand for water is following suit. The fresh water that the majority of us enjoy drinking makes up only about 3% of the world’s water. The massive amount of salt water oceans make up the biggest part of the world’s water and the Earth’s ice caps make up the rest. And where is all that life giving freshness located? Over half of it belongs to only 9 countries out of the hundreds on the planet.




Is It Clean?

One of the largest concerns in the world is the complication of polluted water. In 2017, there are still countries where the inhabitants must walk 30 minutes or more one way to get fresh water. The infant mortality rates have been down in recent years, but one of the largest reasons it still happens is that people can’t get the access they need to a fresh water supply. Several companies are doing what they can to ease the pain and dangerous inconvenience of the situation. They are building wells, paving roads, and offering these places financial aid to making the water more pure and easier to reach.

Stretching Science

By now, I bet some of you have asked about a backup plan. Well, as science and nature would have it, water in and of itself is not the only way to hydrate our bodies. Mother Nature has included some cheat codes. You can get refreshment from coconut water. Watermelons also offer up this wonderful sustenance, as well. Both contain life giving water, vitamins, and electrolytes to boot. Another alternative many are exploring is aloe vera juice and it’s great for your digestion.

Science is great at exploring nature and finding answers to the questions that don’t even exist, yet. Whether or not our water supply dries up, science will always be rooting through nature’s cues to give us the freedom to keep going.

Water is life. Its importance in the chain of life will never become the weak link. However, it never hurts to gain the knowledge you can. Research the water supply issue in your own community. See if you can help. Then, do it. You and everyone in your community could benefit from your knowledge.

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