Entertaining Activities for Kids in San Diego

Entertaining Activities for Kids in San Diego

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As a parent, it can be a challenge keeping your children entertained. Kids can get bored if they do not get enough variety, so you may have to keep coming up with new things to do. Whether you are visiting San Diego on a trip or you live here all the time, you may wonder what you can do with your kids. Fortunately, between sailing tours San Diego, parks, museums, and more, there are plenty of fun activities that parents and kids can do together in this famous Southern California city. Here are just a handful of examples.

1. Whale Watching

The migration routes of several species of whales cross the waters just offshore. Therefore, San Diego whale watching tours are available all year long. Whale watching is a fun and memorable experience for the entire family. It is also an educational opportunity to learn more about whales, navigation, weather patterns, etc.

2. Trip to the Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is one of the largest and most popular zoos in the whole world. It is also an innovator that helped to introduce the concept of open-air exhibits mimicking the natural habitats of animals, a practice that has since been more widely adopted in zoos around the world. The San Diego Zoo is home to several rare species that you may not see elsewhere. For example, there are few zoos in the world that have had success at breeding the giant panda, but the San Diego Zoo is one of them.

3. Garden Stroll

The San Diego Botanic Garden covers 37 acres connected by four miles of trail. Among the two dozen separate areas, each designed around its own special theme, are a couple of areas geared especially towards kids. Catering more to older children, Hamilton Children’s Garden offers a tree house in the center, a labyrinth, and a miniature stream. Younger kids can enjoy the Seeds of Wonder Children’s Garden designed with them in mind. It features a model railroad, a child-sized play house, and buried plastic dinosaurs for kids to dig up.

4. Aquarium Trip

The most famous aquarium in San Diego is Sea World, but if you’re looking for something less tourist-y and more educational, you may enjoy a trip to the Birch Aquarium. It offers opportunities for kids to get up-close, and sometimes hands-on, experience with the fascinating creatures living beneath the ocean’s surface. Aquarium trips combined with private San Diego boat charters may help children gain a more complete understanding of life in the ocean.

5. Museum Visits

Balboa Park in San Diego boasts an impressive 17 museums. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for children to have fun while learning new things. The New Children’s Museum encourages creative thinking and playing through hands-on exhibits, some for all ages and other geared toward a specific level.

With such a wide variety of activities available for families in San Diego, you should have no problem keeping everyone entertained. The best activities are those that are not only fun and adventurous for kids but provide them the opportunity to learn something at the same time.

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