10 amazing tips for a perfect newborn baby photography session

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Newborn babies are gentle to touch and tender enough to squish yet look so cute while sleeping. Parents want to capture each and every memory of their toddling age for which they want its pictures to be clicked now and then. It is thus, necessary to have a bundle of memories in the form of photographs and who can resist clicking their sweet pictures.

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Perhaps, it is a herculean task to get perfect shots in your first baby photography session with your little one. Holding all their little smiles, yawns and every other candid shot requires a pinch of minute care and attention.

Given below are some easy and handy tips that would really be helpful in creating a stunning photography session for your infant:

  • Setting up the right place for shoot

Set the shooting area with a cozy environment and an ambience that makes the baby feel cozy and warm. A light temperature that would suit to the baby’s need is what you should prepare your area for. After you have set all the things at their adequate places and have finished with making the baby prepared for its first shoot, you need to get ready yourself with a camera set to the right aperture to make your shots countable. After you have done all the things, buckle up to get started with your newborn’s first picture session.

  • Take care of ample light

Make sure you take extra care of the source of light placement which should be kept exactly above the baby’s head. It is mandatory to ensure that your shots rock with ample amount of light and you are happy with their pictures. Light on baby’s head will also keep it unaware of the things happening around it.

  • Capture every moment safely

This is a crucial step to be kept in mind always that the baby’s safety should never be compromised no matter what type of pose you want to click. It is necessary that all your shots are clicked with utmost care so that the pictures are clicked safely. Keep washing your hands time and again and also, keep the surroundings of the baby covered with pillows and other soft blankets.


  • Poise your session with right props and poses

Your newborn’s photography session must include the use of well-suited props that would help you have the best photography session for your baby. Minimal props must be used and the focus should be more on capturing the natural poses made by your baby. Such simple yet elegant pictures will surely make a perfect photo album.

  • Relax and include the siblings too

Picturing your infant with its siblings is a cute way to build a close and deep bond between the two. You should just relax and capture all the candid shots that they both make. Siblings holding the baby, kissing them, cuddling with them and playing with its tiny features are all amazing pictures you must think of seizing in your camera.


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