5 Handy Tips to Maintain Fish in the Aquarium

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Aquariums are an attractive addition to one’s home. They help in titivating the decor and aura of the home and bring in more peace and warmth. They need to be taken some special care of to remain fresh and lively in the home. It needs some amount of maintenance to keep the fishes healthy and happy. It is an important task to supply an appropriate quantity of food to regularly changing the water in the aquarium. However, taking care of and maintaining the aquarium is not a difficult task. One can easily maintain it in a handful of steps. We provide you a list of a few tips in which one can easily maintain the aquarium.


  1. Maintain pH level:

Maintaining the pH level of the aquarium is very important. PH refers to the acidity and alkalinity of the water in the tank. Usually, freshwater fishes require an optimum pH in the range of 6.6 and 7.8. This range helps in providing antiseptic for fish to heal from any illness. You can detect the pH level with the help of a pH test kit. Make sure if there is any fluctuation in the pH levels.

2. Replace water:

The aquarium water should be replaced from time to time. At least 25 percent of the water in the aquarium should be changed once a month. One should also keep in check the nitrate levels in the aquarium regularly. The water should be kept clean, away from any debris or dirt. You should also condition the water using de-chlorinating or biological supplements to balance the water suited for aquatic life.

3. Correct temperature:

Maintaining the correct temperature in the aquarium is also important for a sustainable life. The temperature should be suitable for fish and their types. For example, tropical fishes grow in high temperatures, while certain fishes require low temperatures. There shouldn’t be a sudden rise and drop in temperatures as it can affect aquatic life.

4. Over-feeding:

Feeding the fishes is also an important task and should be paid heed to. One should make sure that they don’t over-feed the fish. Adding more food particles will not make the fish grow faster. It will instead accumulate on the water surface and clog the air pores. It will pollute the water inside the aquarium. One should also keep in mind to take care of the different types of fishes in the aquarium. Each fish depends on different food, so the right food should be provided to the fishes.

5. Cleanliness:

The aquarium should be cleaned from time to time. There is an entire ecosystem inside the aquarium that should be taken care of. The oxygen supply should be enough, along with lighting. The sides of the tank should also be cleaned regularly and should be free from debris or mud.

Thus, it is important to take care of the aquarium for a healthy and normal life of fishes inside it. One should keep cleanliness in aquariums and feed them with food when required.

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