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Now that you have decided to tie the knot, it’s time for you to start with the preparations and plan for your big day! Planning a wedding requires many things to be taken care of, the most important thing being the venue! The wedding venue is the most significant component which requires careful consideration. And to make your day memorable, you have to wisely choose the wedding venue, taking a lot of things into considerations! Here are some essential tips to keep in mind before selecting the banquet hall for your wedding.

It is first essential to know exactly how much you can invest in your banquet hall. Planning and keeping a set amount aside saves you from all the trouble. It depends on various factors like the number of guests, the venue’s location, and so on. If you want an extravagant wedding, you definitely have to spend a pretty big amount of money. Do your research well and compare venues that meet your expectations at different rates. Check with different vendors or search online and finally decide on one that you can afford.


The most important thing to consider before selecting any banquet hall is to know its general limit and know the maximum number of visits it can accommodate. For this, it is necessary to know your guest count! The size of the hall definitely has an impact on your visitors. If you try to accommodate many people in a small-sized room, it will certainly cause many discomfort, and it might even look very congested. On the other hand, if you book a too large lobby and predominates your gathering, your visitors will feel tense. Hence it is important to keep the hall capacity in mind.


3. The Theme

If you have a theme for your wedding, your banquet hall should definitely look well versed with your theme. You can either look for a place that fits with your coveted hues and theme of your wedding, or you can select your dream venue and make changes accordingly. Having a theme in mind will help you to narrow your choices and to make better decisions. If you live in a place where there not many venues available, you can always select the best one out of the available options and customize it accordingly. Do remember that sometimes, the venue can influence your theme.

4. The location

If you want all your guests to attend your wedding, then you must select a venue that is located at a place convenient for your visitors. A setting in a helpful area can be the contrast between a substantial turnout and an occasion that failures. Pick a venue that is not so far from offices and homes. Also, check if the location you decide can provide accommodation to your guests from out of town.

5. Parking facilities

If you want your guests to have a good time at your wedding, you should certainly provide them with good parking facilities. A venue that does not have proper parking facilities may upset your guests. After all, it becomes a hurdle to find a place to park their vehicles. Nobody will like to park their vehicle at a faraway distance and walk to the venue.

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