The Best Natural Ways To Clean Your Home

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When you walk into the cleaning products aisle in the grocery store, you’re likely to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of products at your disposal. The other thing you might find overwhelming is the smell – bleaches, detergents, and an array of other chemicals waft at you, making it hard to breathe. There’s got to be a better and healthier way to clean your home. Yes, it is possible to get your home sparkling clean without using abrasive and toxic chemicals if you’re willing to apply a little elbow grease. Try these 4 recipes and get your home greener and cleaner.

The Best Natural Ways To Clean Your Home 1

Stock Up On Baking Soda

Baking soda is an incredible, all-purpose cleaning home cleaning supply, so next time you see it on sale, stock up. In general, baking soda is great for deodorizing, so use it on counters, inside the refrigerator, and even in the bathroom – anywhere that gets a little bit smelly. Just mix baking soda and warm water and wipe down grimy surfaces with a sponge.

Use Pure Force

Among the worst chemicals, you can use in your home are chemical drain cleaners. Plumbers hate them, they can damage your pipes, and they rarely resolve the problem in the long term. Instead of pouring caustic chemicals down your drain, try a more natural solution and get out the plunger. Any homeowner would do well to invest in a plunger, a toilet snake, and a regular drain snake. Having the right tools for the job will allow you to use so many fewer chemicals in the name of home cleanliness.


It’s Citrus Season

Have you ever noticed how many cleaning chemicals smell like lemons? This isn’t just a fluke. Lemons not only smell fresh, but they’re also a powerful cleanser. It removes soap scum, is a key ingredient and olive oil in homemade wood polish, and is great for scrubbing dishes, counters, and other surfaces. Be careful using straight lemon on colored surfaces, though – it can act as a kind of natural bleach. Great for removing stains, but not so great if you want your counter to stay as brightly colored as before.

Vinegar By The Gallon

Unless you’re pickling an awful lot of things in white vinegar, the fact that most stores sell it by the gallon may seem a bit excessive. In reality, though, you should invest in a whole gallon of it, if only for the sake of cleaning. Combined with all the baking soda you bought, you can use vinegar to clean drains, soak rusty items in vinegar to remove the rust or use it with salt and borax to clean your carpet. It’s got endless uses in the world of cleaning. If you know how to apply a handful of natural products, you’ll never need to repurchase chemicals. So next time you’re in the grocery store, walk right on past the row of cleaners and stock up on lemons, borax, and vinegar instead.

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