Fear of Flying: 3 Ways to Cope When it’s Time to Travel

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Also known as Aerophobia, the fear of flying affects millions today. A recent report shows that 33% and 40% of all people experience anxiety when flying. People with this condition might feel intense fear before or during a flight, which can be frustrating.

While there is no specific cause of Aerophobia, several factors can contribute. This may include not feeling safe on the Plane, perhaps influenced by the media showing plane crashes or unpleasant news. Some other people may feel claustrophobic – extreme fear of confined places – and might worry about having panic attacks while on the Plane. The fear can also run in the family, as kids are likely to model their parents.

Fear of Flying

However, regardless of these reasons, you still must deal with your fear of flying. You can’t completely rule out flights, as there will be many places you have to fly to. This article highlights simple ways to go about it.

1. Know Your Rights

The fear of flights can be worsened for some people by time anxiety, from the fear of showing up late. In this case, these people might be scared of flying, especially when the chances of flight delays are increased. To resolve this, you should know your right under the EU 261/2004 regulation, also known as the law guiding compensation for flight delays or cancellations. You may not always be able to escape flight delays or cancellations, but you can rest assured knowing there’s a law protecting your rights should it ever happen. There are also agencies like Flightright that can help you claim compensation for severe inconveniences caused by the airline. This can reduce your anxiety and help you feel more secure from the time your flight takes off.

2. Try to Avoid Back Seats on the Plane

Chances you would have autonomy over where to sit on a plane are slim unless you are flying first class. However, if you constantly fear flying, you can look for airlines that let you get into the Plane early and choose your seats. Opting for seats at the front of the aircrPlaneft can help you feel much safer. Also, the aircrPlaneft could get quite bumpy at the back, triggering your anxiety. To avoid that, go for the front seats.

3. Learn a Little About Flights

Perhaps the cause of your fear is attached to bad news flying around about flights. If you worry about plane crashes or turbulence, you can take some time to learn more about flights. For example, the odds of being in a plane crash are one in 11 million, less than the odds of being in a motor vehicle crash. Learning facts like this might help you stay calm and enjoy your flight. In addition, you can learn about built-in safety features.

Bottom Line

This doesn’t rule out the possibility of an underlying condition fueling your fear of flights; you can see your physician if that’s the case. The tips listed here can help with your general anxiety about flights, so you can easily board more flights.

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