Functions of the Real Estate Registry Office: how a notary can help you?

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The Real Estate Registry Office is the most specialized, executing services related exclusively to the real estate sector. However, aiming at the good progress of the services and the quality of service to the interested parties, each notary has a specific function. Find the proper information on so that your work ends smoothly.

What is the real estate registry for?

The Real Estate Registry’s largest function is archiving the property’s complete history, with all property data, authentically and safely, which needs information about any property searching and finding in the Real Estate Office. Acts that produce legal effects related to real estate must be registered in the Real Estate Registry books and have legal validity. Proof of ownership and alterations in the property and other legal acts are now recognized according to the law.

Can you get the certificates at any real estate registry?

Each real estate registry has a certain “area of action,” recording only the acts practiced within that particular territory. However, a deed of property can be drawn up in any office, even from another state. But the registration of this deed is restricted to the real estate registry which serves that particular region. Thus, locating a particular deed becomes relatively easy since knowing the location of a particular property. It is sufficient to look for the registry office responsible for that locality. It is not necessary to search for other registries to locate this document.

What certificates can you get at the real estate registration office?

In more detail, the Real Estate Registries have the attributions to carry out the registration of acts related to real estate. Among these acts, you can mention the purchase, sale, donation, allotment, exchange, improvements, mortgage, garnishment, and other contracts. The informative certificates related to real estate are obtained through request from the notary of real estate. Thus, in addition to the registration functions, the notary has an informative role in the real estate situation in the territory to which it responds.

How to determine?

The field is broad. Check the address of the registry, phone number of the registry, price of the certificate, the value of services, email contact of the notary, and much more on all types of notary services executed by Notary Public, Registry Office, Real Estate, Protest Titles, birth certificate, marriage, and certificate of the 10 notaries, deed and notarization. In addition to information about the cost of the registry services, you can check the operation hours. So, you must gather each knowledge to choose the right notary services.

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