How Jogging Can Make You Healthier

How Jogging Can Make You Healthier

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Did you know that jogging can actually make you healthier?  Jogging is one of the best exercises to improve your overall health. It’s known that regular exercise is one of the contributing factors to better health overall. Here is how running and can make you healthier.

Happier Overall

When you exercise, you tend to be happier overall. You get a rush of feel-good hormones in your body. A study done in 2006 by Medicine and Science found that even a single round of 30-minute exercise such as walking on a treadmill could lift the mood of someone that suffers from depression. Physical activity such as jogging can improve your overall mood, reduce your chances of getting depression, and just make you feel better. You’ll be better able to deal with stress, anxiety, and other issues that might impact you daily. Those who spent just 30 minutes exercising once per week had a better mood, better sleep quality, and more concentration on their busy day.  People that exercise also tend to have less drug use, alcohol abuse, and related issues because they simply have a more positive outlook on their lives

Weight Loss

We all know that exercise will burn calories and help you to lose weight. People don’t realize that calories continue to be burnt even when the exercise stops. Regular exercise such as jogging will increase this afterburn to continue to burn calories after completing the exercise. This process is called excess post oxygen consumption. All you have to do to be in this state is to exercise a bit higher than your easy pace would be, and you’ll enjoy more benefits after the exercise is over.

Strengthens Joints and Bones

Many people think running will be hard on your knees and joints, but it helps increase bone mass. Those that run or jog suffer from less age-related bone loss. Some people indicate that running can be bad for your knees, but science tells us that it is not the case. Jogging and running can improve your knee health, and this was indicated by research done at Boston University. They looked at individuals who jogged or ran over a long time and didn’t see any increase in osteoarthritis Than what was expected for people as they age.

Better Mental Health

Those that take part in a regular exercise program such as jogging tend to have a less age-related decline in their mental abilities. That that exercise has a better working memory, can switch tasks quickly, and have an overall sharper mental focus.  Fit adults scored better in medical tests than those that were unfit. A regular exercise program such as jogging can improve thinking, memory, and judgment. Individuals that exercise are also better at organizing, planning, concentration and have a better attention span. If you want a sharper mental focus, taking up exercises such as jogging can be very beneficial.

Longer life

Even if you take just 30 minutes a day to exercise, chances are you’re going to live longer. It’s beneficial to your overall health to take up regular exercise such as jogging.


Exercise such as jogging is very beneficial to your health, and it has more benefits than you might realize. By jogging, you’ll not only have a better cardiovascular system, but you’ll have better memory, a longer life, and you’re just going to feel better about yourself overall.

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