Kiefer Sutherland loving the music life

Kiefer Sutherland loving the music life

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Being the United States president may be a frightening mission, particularly when you have minimal enjoyment in politics, and there’s nobody around to reveal you the ropes. Literally.

That’s the scenario actor Kiefer Sutherland tackled this past season on the ABC hit series “Designated Survivor,” starring as Tom Kirkman, a low-stage Cabinet member who becomes the Commander-in-Chief after the President, VP, and the entire Congress are worn out in an explosion for the duration of the State of the Union cope with.

If nothing organized his man or woman for the Oval Office, the same might be stated for Sutherland and his tune profession, which he released in earnest last year with the release of his debut album, u. S. A .-rock/folks infused “Down in a Hole” (Ironworks). A next tour, which brings him to Thalia Hall Sunday night, proved to be a massive studying revel in for the 50-12 months-vintage actor, whose acting credit additionally encompass that different TV superpower known as Jack Bauer in “24.”

“I concept I turned into gonna be capable of use 30 years’ [experience] working as an actor. Certainly, that was gonna help me on the level. I changed into wrong,” Sutherland says with a laugh at some stage in a cellphone interview. “The one part that I unnoticed is that for 30 years I turned into capable of paintings as an actor [through] a character. When I move on level [as a singer], the songs are very personal, and they’re mine. I go away myself in an extra open function than I ever have before. So, the two reports ended up being very distinctive for me. Though in each situation, I’m telling stories, and that appears to be the common thread in what I reveal in most.”Sutherland, who’s been playing guitar considering that he turned 10, says his songwriting fashion is stimulated by using legendary track storytellers on both facets of the Atlantic.


“Elton John and Bernie Taupin, even though the production of their tune was definitely big, the lyrics and music of their songs were very intimate,” Sutherland says. “Tom Petty is my favored American artist. I don’t suppose he’s ever written a terrible lyric. He can move from real rock music to the United States of America to blues. I might by no means put myself inside the identical sentence as the ones humans, but they’re individuals who I’ve listened to over the years. That listing is so long. When I think of writing, I additionally think about Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash. They instructed surely linear tales. That’s been my real attraction to country tracks.”

Sutherland says he loves existence on the street after 12 months of playing gigs throughout us of an as his “Designated Survivor” Toronto capturing schedule allowed (he and his band enjoyed a very high-profile gig at Stagecoach in April), however, provides He’s still studying whenever he steps out onto the degree. That gaining knowledge of procedure continues in the recording studio, he says, in which his creative vulnerability is even extra extreme. Adding to it, the critics who see actors-turned-musicians as a gimmick.“I’m virtually aware of the stigma [attached to] an actor making music,” he says matter-of-factly. “I probably wasn’t smart enough to comprehend the ability role I became putting myself in until I was given onto the level. It becomes that second in which I felt I had to explain where I was after writing this music or that music. When you begin explaining the reality inside the middle of a concert, you sense very inclinedly.”

A 2nd album is definitely in the works, Sutherland’s well-known shows (several of the cuts are already recorded), with a release date set for subsequent 12 months if everything falls into place. The songs can also rattle some feathers in his non-public life, but.

“When I began writing, I might draw on my private reviews, [things like] loss of love, finding love. … I don’t realize if my own family will find it irresistible very an awful lot. When I stopped writing about my non-public stories, I began writing approximately the non-public reports of my family,” he says, guffawing. “I don’t recognize how appreciative they’re gonna be about that.”

“Designated Survivor” just wrapped up its first season and could go back for a 2d yr on ABC in the fall. For now, the hiatus will supply him a danger to play more dates and work at the relaxation of the cuts for his sophomore album.

“The audiences have been so typing and supportive,” he says. “I am so grateful. … After 216 hours of ‘24’ and 70-a few ordinary movies and other collection, I experience I’ve collected various statistics that I feel very confident approximately. I’ve visible plenty and have processed characters who are quite evolved. The music feels very clean and new and exciting. As a listener, I think I’m an advanced listener, however as a creator and performer, I’ve simply gotten started, and I even have so much to learn.”

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