Greatest Hits by Laura Barnett review – a life in music

Greatest Hits by Laura Barnett review – a life in music

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Read the novel, then buy the album: the lyrics that punctuate this story of a songwriter’s life and loves have additionally been set to tune bird it comes to paying attention to the pop song, there are two sorts of people: people who pay attention to the lyrics and those who don’t note them. The former are interested in artists and Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen; the latter grow to be deciding on a tune approximately breaking apart because of the first dance at their wedding ceremony. Greatest Hits is a novel for music fanatics who be aware of the phrases.

Now in her 60s, Cass Wheeler is an “ex-musician. Ex-mother. Ex-daughter. Ex-wife.” She is at domestic, within the faraway farmhouse wherein she lives alone after the huge non-public loss and a spell in rehab. Spending someday forcing herself to listen to her complete back catalog, she compiles “a very unique kind of retrospective. Her existence, contemplated in the songs she had written; within the songs that she, and simplest she, could select.”

Barnett has written the songs – the lyrics and fictional album notes begin every chapter – and the singer-songwriter Kathryn Williams has set Barnett’s lyrics to tune. Her associate album, Songs from the Novel Greatest Hits, will be released this month. Readers will have to determine whether the e-book will first hear how Williams has interpreted the songs, or pay attention to the album, allow their very own memories to shape around the lyrics, and then discover Barnett’s version.

Although the novel is about over the route of sooner or later, the general public of it unfolds thru flashbacks, each chapter precipitated by way of a song. The first, “Common Ground,” starts of evolved, “It became early morning while she left … ” Cass’s hard delivery is followed by a fractious dating along with her mother, who abandons her family two weeks after Cass’s 10th birthday, leaving a be aware at the kitchen table. The loss shadows her throughout her existence; she turns into stressed, a bolter.


The one component she will be able to commit to is the song. So while she meets a person with whom she feels both a sexual and a musical connection, the results are electric: “Above all,” she recollects, “there has been a song, and there have been Ivor, and there has been her lack of ability to inform wherein her love for one spilled over into her love for the other.” They come to be a celebrated musical duo. However, Cass – a sort of Sandy Denny in biker boots – is the real famous person, and Ivor finds that hard to bear. We know this love affair will no longer have a glad finishing. The unconventional crux is that innovative tension and the question of how a female can protect her identity. At the same time, the boundary turns into blurred among self, music, and love. “Perhaps, then, it had always been there between them – that sharpened observe, that jarring semiquaver – and Cass had absolutely not desired to listen to it. She had relied on in – what? In the uncommon, astringent beauty of it; inside the crack in the entirety … Perfection became impossible, its pursuit banal: in artwork, in existence, in love, it became the failings, the errors, the disharmonies, that spoke the loudest, that drew us closest to the stuff of actually enjoy.”

The novel is muddled in locations, with a few too many characters and the strange bit of stilted communication. But it has a wisdom and a concord which can be pleasurable, as Cass considers “all the years that had, with such incomprehensible swiftness, rolled via and disappeared.”

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