Martin Solveig: “Music is my life, obviously”

Martin Solveig: “Music is my life, obviously”

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At the 2013 Sundance Festival, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl premiered a documentary titled Sound City, a documentary following the legendary Sound City Studios, lamenting the slow computerization of track and track manufacturing. There is a famous narrative that goes with the prominence of electronic dance music and how it ruins the coolest call of music made with ‘real’ devices, the laptop of which is not one in all them.

But one of these surface-stage commentaries has been slowly phased out of the track’s focus. The full-on display of stay acts on digital-heavy Ultra Singapore turned into a clear instance of the exuberance that includes digital tune performance.

And it really is where we come to Martin Solveig, whose very presence could right away irk even the maximum informal rock defenders. Solveig spends the maximum of his units behind the deck as he does mountaineering on top of them. His something is going approach to his mixes typically lead to an inexplicably amusing day out.

Bandwagon had the danger to sit with Solveig – real call Martin Picandent – earlier than his set at Ultra Singapore 2017 to glean his perspectives on music, performing, and galas. The French DJ is maximum famously recognized for his 2010 hit single ‘Intoxicated.’ Since then, he’s moved from power to electricity, freeing countless singles with an expansion of the business’s pleasantness. ‘Intoxicated,’ for instance, collaborates with LA-duo GTA, who played Ultra Singapore on Sunday afternoon.

The unassuming and humble manufacturer has no airs about him. That tone changed into clear as he took a seat opposite me in his dressing room, dressed casually in his pastel pink colored shirt and shades, with the sound of Showtek pumping out their afternoon set within the background.

When asked approximately favorite music, it’s clear that he’s a complex man — his love for the track being so significant that he felt it unfair to choose his favorite tune even from a listing of a favorite 100. Compelled to present a solution, he says: “The Strokes’ ‘Last Night’?” however speedy provides a disclaimer: “I picked one out of perhaps a hundred. It’s one among my preferred one hundred, and that’s already a big (element).”

Perhaps a less complicated query to answer – which Solveig thought about intensely before answering: what is his present-day earworm? Apparently, it is ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ through Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid. “I’m so satisfied after I similar to the music for no purpose, just due to the fact after I listen to it, I’m satisfied,” he explains. “It’s precisely what it’s miles, to love music. It’s not as it’s coming from this artist, that’s why I assume… this track.”The musician is clear in his love for lots of genres, the hallmark of a tasteful DJ. Asked approximately his favorite competition to visit or play, he confesses that he has a gentle spot for the massively popular Coachella festival, a stay music organization that has grown from roping in huge-time indie favorites as headliners to attracting Beyoncé and Lady Gaga.

Perhaps Solveig summarizes the sensation of being on the festival nice: “For no longer one cause mainly however basically the package: of the spot, the human beings, the road up, the mixture of all genres of track from all patterns, from superb indie to very mainstream. I think that is constantly for me something very, very thrilling, and I’m going almost every yr; whether or not I’m playing or now not.”This love for his track is obvious as he gives you his live units.


The prolific performer — he’d simply played a show in Hong Kong the night before he became due to play at Marina Bay Sands — is all approximately giving the target audience the high-quality possible enjoy possible, preserving himself to a maxim that he unearths the important thing to handing over a completely unique set: “One of the matters out of that is to avoid gambling the precise same song that all the opposite DJs may play or play. If [the crowd] hears the same track three instances, after [that] they’re no longer too enthusiastic about the music or the song.”

He explains further: “It’s tough because whilst you interact with a 20-30,000+ crowd, they, of course, want numerous strength and additionally they need a few tunes that they recognize that they could relate to. And that list narrows quickly while the numbers in the front of you get larger. So I do my personal variations of the whole thing, of direction. Out of the maybe forty references of songs I will play in these days’ show, they’re possibly 10 that some other guys can also play, but it is going to be a total one-of-a-kind model.”

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