Storage Unit: Make the Most out of It with These Tips

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You decided you wanted to move some of your stuff into a storage unit. Here’s what you need to keep in mind while doing it. Also, if you’re still looking for one that’s perfect for you, public storage Dallas has everything you need.

Pack your things strategically

You need to learn how to pack your things, especially if we’re talking about a full unit worth of stuff. There are times in which you’ll need to get access to your storage, and you won’t know where to look for if there’s a total mess. Keep your things organized. Think about what you may need in the future and store it to the front of the unit, and leave the rest to the back. Don’t forget that vertical is a thing. Don’t crowd the room with your stuff on the ground, but make the most out of the unit’s height – keep the most heavier stuff on the group and put the lighter ones on top. Also, don’t forget to leave a path from the front to the back, about 2 feet wide, to be able to walk the entire room, in case you need something from the back.

Protect your stuff

You can prevent your stuff from getting damaged if you take the time to wrap them as you’re supposed to. If you have furniture, don’t forget to cover it in blankets. The same goes for mattresses, too. You can use moving pads. However, don’t use plastic ones, as they can attract and trap moisture, and you don’t want mold or mildew in your storage unit. The small items should be placed in a box. If you have fragile items, don’t forget to wrap them in packing paper and put them somewhere they cannot be moved around.

Get insurance

You need to see if the renters have insurance that covers the personal property in storage. If that’s not the case, then you need to buy a separate insurance plan. For that, you need to find a good insurance company. Extra protection never hurts anyone, and it’s clear that you care about your stuff since you decided to store them instead of throwing them away.

Perishable items are a no-go.

Not a single item that could spoil should find its place in your storage unit. You’ll get bad odors, and not only but rotting plants or food can and will attract bugs and, even worse, rodents. You don’t want that to happen.

Always ask for help…

…if you really need it. You move your things into a storage unit, not a new home, that’s true, but moving is still moving, so it’s okay if you need help. You can ask a friend or your family, especially if we’re talking about heavy stuff or putting stuff up high. This way, you’ll finish early, and you won’t hurt yourself, either.

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