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Nose piercings take the lead when it comes to surface piercings. Nose rings, studs, and balls come secondary in the hierarchy. More women have nose piercings than men, and someone with a nostril piercing is making a statement for themselves. A successful piercing means the piercing aftercare instructions were correctly followed. Body jewelry has become a great trend of this generation’s youth and is used as a tool of self-expression towards life and their involvement in pop culture.

Nose piercings are an essential part of the culture in India and several parts in the Middle East. In India, the man gives the woman he is supposed to marry a nose ring, which is a tradition equivalent to giving a wedding ring in Western countries. But nose bones are the recent trend and are slowly becoming popular. The woman only needs to turn her head, and people will recognize the piercing and conclude that she is married.

To get your nostril pierced, there are various options available from nose rings, studs, and bones that you can choose from. One contains a screw that starts with a straight stud but has hooks and curves along with its design so that it makes the piercing impossible to be pulled out, how much you try. It is inserted directly into the nostril slowly and removed out from the fleshy inside of your nostril. On the contrary, a nose bone is a kind of stud with the head as a round part on one end and is pushed through the nostril to fix the jewelry into place.

A lot of people advise against getting a nose bone for your first piercing because the design of the nose bone is such that there is a distinct possibility that the shaft of the stud might be too short to get through a nostril and happens to be thicker than that of an average person. Even if a piercing is completed through the flesh, there is no guarantee that the subsequent swelling will also swallow the nose bone. If the interior face of the piercing heals over, the nose bone has to be removed surgically.


During the attaching of nose bone jewelry, the nose wound starts to heal around the stud that is pierced through your nostril and the shaft being larger makes it difficult to remove and can slow down or make it even worse and reverse the healing process because by moving it around the healing tissue tears and aggravates the wound. Piercers instead recommend a nose screw during the beginning that is made of surgical stainless steel.

But when given the option of nose bone and studs, a nose bone is still one of the accessories you would want. Get the assurance of the highest possible material and consult professionals or doctors, to ensure special attention to the piercing for aftercare.

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