What Revs Check Would Reveal About the Second-hand Car That You Are Going To Buy?

What Revs Check Would Reveal About the Second-hand Car That You Are Going To Buy?

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Buying a second-hand car can indeed help you save a lot of money. But even when you pick a fine thing that glides on like a dream, it might come with its share of jeopardy. When you get a used car from a private seller without doing a background check, you do stand a risk of getting a written-off vehicle. To make matters worse, you can unknowingly end up buying cars that have finance owing or a stolen unit. This is exactly where a quick search of the state-centric Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVs) check comes to your rescue.

How to Make It

You can get the details of any used vehicle without much hassle. Going for an online REVs check has become a cakewalk. However, lately, the Australian Government has closed the state-based registered. However, the records previously-stored there are now secured to the PPSR or Personal Property Security Register. The PPSR covers entire Australia. All you need to do is to get the VIN or chassis number and search by it. In case you just have the number of the manufacturer, you can simply search by the serial number. Once you are done searching, the PPSR would send you a return email, along with a search certificate.

What You Would Get

You can gather an array of helpful information from the databases of the Australian government. For example, if the car has ever been stolen, then you will get to know about its stolen VIN records, details of engine thefts or number plate thefts, if any, as well as the police reference number. You would also get to know vital aspects of its earlier registration. This includes the name of the state or territory where it has been registered, Rego expiration date, Year, Make, Model, Engine number, Body type and Classification, Identification Number, Compliance plate date, among others. You also get the possible write off records. That is to say, you would able to know whether the concerned car has ever faced collisions, or was damaged by flood or storm, or if it has ever been damaged for some other reason. Finally, it gives the records of secured parties and details of finance/ money owning the concerned party.

Effect Of Buying A Revs-Checked Car

While doing a registration check, you get the details like expiry date, registration status, body shape, and car model. To make the long story short, you gather several unknown yet essential details of your second-hand car. As a matter of fact, apart from doing Revs check, you might want to take a little more caution to avoid being a fraud victim. You can begin by asking your car dealer to deliver a certificate for its roadworthiness. However, keep in mind that different states in Australia have different names for car safety reports. For example, in Queensland, they call it Safety Certificatevii, while in Victoria, it is called Vehicle Information package. It is also ideal to buy your next vehicle from its legitimate owner instead of getting it from a private seller.

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