4 Reasons To Book a Safer Drivers Course Today

4 Reasons To Book a Safer Drivers Course Today

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Even with two or three years of driving experience behind your name, it could still be advisable for you to enroll in a safer driver’s course. If you taught yourself how to drive but still get panic attacks when you have to hit the highway, it can significantly benefit your confidence.

Self-assuredness when getting behind the wheel is vital in preventing accidents, and that’s the primary goal of taking a Safer Drivers Course. It allows you to take to the motorway with a skilled and qualified instructor next to you, giving you advice and tips as you drive.

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What is a Safer Drivers Course?

The Safer Drivers Course aims explicitly at the new generation of drivers to hit the motorways of Australia. It helps new drivers think on their wheels and make safe and calculated decisions while driving. It’s not only practical teaching sessions on the road. Learners also participate in group discussions in a classroom environment, where you can hear all types of questions answered about low-risk driving practices.

What are the benefits of a Safer Drivers Course?

Professional Tips & Advice

It’s always better to take advice from the pros. As a part of the Safer Drivers Course, you’ll spend five hours in total with a certified driving instructor. The first three hours will be theoretical group discussions, and the last two hours will be practical teaching on the roads.

The group setting is ideal as other people might ask questions that you forget to ask. During the practical training, two learners will drive with the instructor. It’s another excellent opportunity to learn from somebody else’s questions.

Logbook Credits for Learner Drivers

Learner drivers that complete the Safer Drivers Course gain 20 hours of credit for their logbooks. You don’t only leave with valuable knowledge. You’re also a whole lot closer to the mandatory driving hours required to obtain your P Plate.

Learn How to Stay Calm When Danger Lurks

The most important reason for taking the Safer Drivers Course is to be a safer driver ultimately. When you hit the roads, you’re responsible for your own, your passengers, and other drivers on the road. The problem with driving is that you don’t realize how important experience is till you lack it.

While you’re out on the road with a driving instructor, they will share years of knowledge with you on how to spot potential oncoming danger and avoid a collision in some instances. It will boost your confidence, which is what you need on a busy motorway with speeding cars all around you. Your confidence is what helps you stay calm in dangerous situations and can prevent car accidents and fatalities.

Learn How to Apply Road Rules Practically

Learning all the various road rules for Australian roads, in theory, is only one part of becoming a safer driver. It’s a whole different ball game when you’re driving in a busy city and have to apply all the rules and regulations.

As part of your practical hours, you’ll be able to ask your instructor questions while you are driving, and they can help you apply the theory you’ve studied in real-life scenarios.


To sum it all up, there is no downside to taking a Safer Drivers Course. The benefits can have life-saving implications. Even if you’ve been driving for a year or two with your learners, it’s still advisable to enroll and get the diploma to your name. According to statistics from LTrent, safer drivers course students make fewer vehicle accidents in the long run.

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