How do anytime goalscorer bets work?

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Although it’s likely to surprise experienced punters, betting on anytime goalscorer tips can be quite confusing to those with less knowledge of football betting. Backing a specific player to score during a big football fixture adds excitement, and there are plenty of ways to heighten your chances of coming away with a winning Anytime Goalscorer Bet.

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One thing that can put people off from even considering betting on players to score is the average prices you’ll find on bookmaker websites, but you can get some worthwhile anytime goalscorer odds if you bet the right way. Most weathered football punters are aware of how AGS bets work and how to make the most of the market, but for those who aren’t as clued up on them, here are some pointers:

Rules for betting on players to score

Some things that aren’t made 100% clear for betting on anytime goalscorer bets are based on availability. For instance, some bookmakers will void these bets if the player you’ve backed goes off injured within the first few minutes of play, with them seeing it as being unfair if they’ve hardly had a chance to score and won’t be able to try through having to miss the remainder of the game.

As Anytime Goalscorer markets are based around a player scoring at least one goal throughout a football match, it’s expected that this will only count for 90 minutes of play. Stoppage time matters, but any extra time included will not depend. This won’t come as a shock as most betting markets only last 90 minutes unless clearly stated otherwise, so it’s best to be wary of this.

Anytime Goalscorer Odds

Most bets for goalscorers will see short Anytime Goalscorer Odds. Most realistic players to score offering odds of around evens; a lower price will be made available if the player in question scores often. You can find more information on these types of bets from sites like FootyAccumulators, who frequently provide their own Anytime Goalscorer Tips.

The best prices for bets on players to score will usually be based on if you’re backing them to score first in the match or getting behind them to net more than once. Even expected goalscorers will be given odds of at least 3/1 if you’re opting for them to score first rather than at any time, and the bookmaker price will be massively high for a lesser player to be the first goalscorer, which makes sense for why so many punters have a small punt on them.

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