How To Boost Terpene Levels In Your Cannabis Plants

How To Boost Terpene Levels In Your Cannabis Plants

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There are several things that people love about cannabis, including its medicinal value, ability to boost memory, and ability to reduce stress and anxiety. The fragrance and flavor of cannabis are also becoming increasingly famous due to genetics’s growth and expansion. Terpenes, of late, is a trendy topic.

The cannabis plant produces cannabinoids and other oils. Terpenes are extracted from trichomes (glands bearing flowers and leaves). Its smell is the primary purpose why some people choose to purchase this product. Many different terpenes smell differently depending on the strain. This smell can impact the market you get for your cannabis products.

6 Ways to Increase Terpene Levels in Cannabis | 3 Gems Plant Nutrients

Here’s how you can improve the levels of terpene after buying seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co.

  1. Subject Your Plants To Low Stress

After purchasing marijuana seeds and planting them, you need to get results. If you want to improve your plant’s terpene content, you need to subject it to lower stress levels. Research has indicated that steady and minor stress increases terpene production in cannabis plants significantly. You can maintain low stress through low-stress training. This method doesn’t only increase terpene production but also boosts yield and quality.

The basics of low-stress training are simple. You only need to buy weed seeds, plant, top, shape, and prepare them for flowering. Of all these steps, flowering preparation is the most vital. If this method is too simple for you, find more information on the internet about low-stress techniques.

  1. Select The Right Growth Medium

Technology has made it unnecessary to depend on soil for the growth of plants. Genetics has come up with many growth mediums that can perform the process effectively. However, just as it’s crucial to buy weed seeds that are approved, you need the right growth medium for your crops. Using any medium on the market can make your crops suffer and result in losses.

If you want to get maximum terpenes out of cannabis plants, you have to resort to the old school method. That’s using soil and fertilizer. Terpenes that grow out of the ground produce the best aroma and flavor. But to get the maximum terpenes out of your plants, you need the right soil and fertilizer. An agriculturalist can recommend the best pH and fertilizers for different strains of cannabis.

  1. Check Humidity Levels

If you want your plants to grow and produce the right amount of terpenes, you must keep humidity levels low. Experts recommend that during flowering, humidity levels should be between 50 to 60%.

As the days of flowering approaches, the humidity should be around 30%. That’s because such humidity moderately stresses the plants enabling them to produce high amounts of terpenes. Low humidity levels decrease terpene levels but encourage the build-up of mildew and mold that can negatively affect your plants’ growth.

  1. Know The Right Temperature

Just like sunscreen protects humans from the rays of the sun, trichomes from which terpenes are extracted protect plants from diseases, pests, and UVB light. When the rays of the sun get too powerful, cannabis plants increase trichome production to protect the buds from too much light. Therefore, if you add some UVB lights into your greenhouse, you’ll increase terpene production.

However, you want to be careful not to overdo it. One or two watts of UVB lights per square foot is enough to enhance trichome and terpene production. If you’re using growth lights like metal haloid, it may be needless to add more light because it already has plenty of UVB.

The sun can also be a good source of light. However, if you choose to use it, you need to space your plants correctly to ensure every one of them receives optimal light. The sun’s temperature should be controlled. It shouldn’t go beyond 30°C. Also, the night temperatures shouldn’t go below 10°C because shallow temperatures can decrease terpene yield and disturb other compounds.

  1. Use Terpene-Boosting Nutrients

One of the least laborious ways of increasing terpene production is to use enhancing nutrients. Genetics has come up with the right food for your cannabis plants that can help you boost terpene production. The beauty of these nutrients is that each formula has directions on when exactly to feed your plants.

You need to buy nutrients containing carbohydrates, sugars, amino, and vitamins to enable your plants to produce scented and better-tasting flowers. Some growers increase production by feeding their plants with blackstrap molasses as the flower cycle ends. Though this method is effective, molasses contain sulfur that may affect your plants if you don’t administer the correct dose. On the other hand, using high-quality nutrients can give your plants the same benefits without any adverse effects.

  1. Wean Your Plants

It’s vital to refrain from feeding your plants two weeks before harvesting. If you don’t do this, the plants’ original flavor and aroma will decrease and replace other overpowering nutrients. Instead of feeding, water your plants properly. Water is vital because it flashes excess and unnecessary nutrients in the plant. The end product is a clean crop that may be amazingly aromatic and free from extra compounds.

  1. Dry And Cure Your Plants Properly

The last thing you need to do after harvesting your cannabis is to ensure it’s properly dried and cured. If you cure your plants correctly, you’ll harvest large amounts of terpenes from them. You shouldn’t rush this process because it can negatively affect the flower’s fragrance and flavor. Instead, you want to dry them slowly as you maintain temperature and humidity levels. Any method that rushes the drying process damages the terpenes. After drying, follow the correct curing procedures. You need to use jars and let fresh air circulate in the plants every day. This will not only preserve terpenes, but it’ll also help cannabis to vape and smoke better.

Final Words

To increase terpene levels in your cannabis, you need to know what to do. Though there are many ways of improving this production, these tips can help you enhance terpene levels in your cannabis plants. They may be simple theoretically but can prove to be a tedious and challenging job. However, this shouldn’t discourage you because the results are far much rewarding than the effort invested.

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