How to Prevent Hearing Loss?

How to Prevent Hearing Loss?

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As we age, many changes occur in our body that are not preventable. And one common problem among senior adults is hearing loss. Many older adults realize that they had to increase the volume of the TV more often or people around them need to speak at a higher pitch.

If someone faces the hearing loss problem at an early age, then loud noise can be the reason behind it.

Because hearing loss can occur at any age, there are actions that can be taken at the younger age to ward off its severity.

#1. Avoid loud and harmful noises – Sadly, due to environmental factors, now people of all ages are facing hearing loss at younger ages. So, experts recommend reducing the noise of life by turning down the volume of your TV, and stereo. This is especially important when using headphones. Never increase the volume of headphones above 50% and also never exceed 80% even for a short time.

Activities and devices that are unsafe for our ears include – hunting, leaf blowers, snowmobiling, jet skis, and power tools. So, it is recommended to wear ear protection when going for these activities. Also, don’t forget to wear it when going to a place where prolonged exposure to noise is common.

#2. Stick to proper hygiene – Never use a cotton swab or other object to scratch your ear or remove earwax. If you are facing a hearing problem because of earwax, then it is better to talk to your doctor to remove it. Don’t do it yourself as you can push the wax deeper in.

The specialists suggest that during air travel, you should swallow and yawn frequently when the plane is landing. If you are suffering from flu, cold, or other upper respiratory illness, then take a decongestant a few hours before your plane lands.

#3. Don’t smoke – In a research, it was found that tobacco can lead to hearing loss. So, if you are a smoker, then quit it immediately as smoking can cause a lot of serious health issues. Also, avoid second-hand smoke as it is equally dangerous.

#4. Keep a check on your medical conditions – Health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other circulatory illness that are not treated properly can lead to hearing loss. It is because the inner parts of the ear are sensitive, and any circulation problem can affect your hearing.

#5. Don’t wait to see an audiologist- In case you face noise-related damage to the ears, then it cannot be reversed. Still, further damage can be prevented by consulting an audiologist. So, if you or any of your loved one is suffering from hearing loss then get it checked immediately. There are some supplements available that can prevent hearing loss, but it is advised to talk to an expert before adding them in your diet.


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