New York Hemp Flower: Legality, Status and Where to Buy

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CBD hemp flower is used across the United States to create topical products for various ailments like chronic pain, anxiety, and high blood pressure. After the 2018 Hemp Farming Act passed, New York was one of the first to allow hemp farming in their state. New York most certainly allows hemp flower to be grown, processed, sold, and used within their state. Read this guide to find out whether you can purchase Cannaflower hemp buds in New York state.

Is Hemp Safe to Use?

The hemp flower market is currently pretty unregulated, and buyers should probably stray from purchasing CBD infused edibles until the Food and Drug Administration deems them safe for consumption. The FDA requires that anything a person may ingest pass certain standards and regulations before being sold. CBD infused food products have not been screened by the FDA, and the consumer should know this.

The good news is, CBD is infused in a variety of other products. Depending on your ailment, different strains are offered as well. Just be cautious when ingesting anything that hasn’t been screened by the FDA, CBD product, or not. In fact, the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets doesn’t let manufacturers add CBD to food, so anyone claiming to sell those products in the state of New York is committing a crime.

All those wishing to sell CBD products must have a cannabinoid permit to do so and cannot import CBD products from other states unless the other states meet the requirements set forth by the 2018 Hemp Farming Act. No manufacturer of CBD products is allowed to make any therapeutic claims on the package labeling. This is because while many studies are suggestive of CBD benefits, nothing has been proven concretely.

How Can I Use Hemp in New York?

CBD hemp flower products like oils, creams, lotions, and vape pods are safe for human usage. While you can find a lot of CBD products in New York gas stations and convenience stores, you’re better off purchasing CBD products from a budtender at a higher-end CBD shop or a reputable online store like A budtender or a specialty online shop would have more knowledge to help you choose the product that’s right for you, rather than a random product from 7/11.

How can I Find a Good CBD Budtender in New York?

Like any other business you patronize, you want to know if the product you’re paying money for is worth it. Especially with newer products like CBD hitting the market, consumer knowledge is vital. You want to find a budtender that sells a premium product and follows regulations set forth by the State of New York. Some budtenders even sell CBD products for your pets!

Can I Get in Trouble for Hemp in New York?

It should be noted that police officers in New York may have a difficult time differentiating between hemp flower and marijuana. Since the hemp flower and marijuana bud are indistinguishable from the other, a police officer may fine you for possessing or using hemp in public. This could create legal issues for you, as well as a big expense, as the hemp will have to be sent to a lab to prove that it’s not marijuana.

Even though marijuana has technically been decriminalized in New York for a while, it’s only legal for medical use and must be used in the privacy of one’s home. Therefore, a police officer will have a tough time telling CBD hemp flower and marijuana apart. That’s why it is always important to keep your hemp flower in its original packaging. A quality vendor will have packaging with a QR code linking directly to the online Certificate of Analysis, proving that the flower is a legal hemp product.

Since hemp doesn’t create the same high as marijuana, it’s no longer considered an illegal drug by New York. However, CBD hemp flower users should exercise caution when using CBD in public.

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