Tips on Drama-Free Valet Parking

Tips on Drama-Free Valet Parking

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Many restaurants and hotels provide Valet parking services are one in which a valet parks your car, relieving you from the problems of finding a parking spot. Valet parking is an easier and efficient way to park your car and save space. Unlike common drivers, valets know where and how to park the car. Valet parking adds a touch of luxury to establishments that are looking forward to promoting their business. Valet parking is a simple process. You just need to pull in an area where the valet is sanctioned, provide them with the keys, and take a ticket that you’ll need to return to the valet to get your car back. Valet offers you three services: your car is driven to a distance and parked, stored in a secure location, and someone travels a distance to get your car and deposits it at your feet. Valet services may sound like an effortless task, but here are some tips that you must keep in mind for drama-free valet parking.

Tidy Up your Car:

If you know that you will use a valet service in the evening, try to clean your car. Washing your car is better than getting it a wax service. Make sure you keep your car tidy lest you shall end up being embarrassed.

Tip in Cash:

Tipping is the most challenging task, and that is the reason why people avoid valet parking. This is so because most of them don’t know how much to tip and whom to tip. Tipping the valet influences the level of care your car is about to receive. Always try to tip the valet parker in cash. Providing the valet with a tip makes them feel well treated, and they are likely to take better care of your car.

Tuck Up Your Valuables:

It sounds like it’s the common sense of taking away all your valuables, but many of us forget it in haste. Before the valet arrives, don’t forget to tuck up your belongings out of sight. Although the valet may fetch you whatever you need from your car, make sure you are carrying everything you need for the evening.


Pick-up and Pay:

Generally, it takes 10-20 minutes for the valet to retrieve your car. If you have somewhere to be at the specified time or do not intend to wait in the lobby, you can call the valet service ahead of time. If you are staying at the hotel, the parking costs are added to your room’s bill, and you need not worry about paying the price of parking and valet services. While leaving the event, you ought to pay for the valet services when you do not stay at the hotel.

Check for Damages and Stolen Items:

Before leaving in a hurry, you should glance over your car to encounter any dings or nicks that were not supposed to be there when you dropped off the car. Also, check for your valuables. If you notice any damages or missing items, inform the managing valet. Most valet companies will cover such situations, but it’s hard to get compensation if you don’t notice them until you are home. You can also keep your valet informed about your vehicle’s quirks like a tricky door or touchy alarm systems. They will appreciate this and handle your car accordingly.

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