3 Tips for How to Install Racing Seats

3 Tips for How to Install Racing Seats

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So you decided to modify your car with racing seats—congratulations! Racing seats provide comfort and security to your vehicle while enhancing style. The right racing car seat can also improve your driving and racing performance.

Purchasing a racing seat is fun, but installing a car seat can be intimidating. The process is relatively simple, but not knowing where to begin can cause anxiety.

Racing Seat

Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered! This article is your guide to help you install your racing seats.

So roll up your sleeves and keep reading!

First Things First: Know What You Need

Before installing, ensure you have all the equipment and tools you need. Here is a list of the materials.


These brackets should match your specific car model. They are not interchangeable. If you have two race car seats, you will need two different ones for the driver’s and passenger’s sides.


These are optional if you want to slide your seat back and forth. If not, the position of the racing car seat will be permanent.

Side Mount Brackets

You will only need these if you have side-mount racing seats. If there are mounting holes for a bracket on the side of the car seat, then you have them. But if the holes are on the bottom, you have a bottom-mount racing bucket seat.


Check that you have the right amount of nuts and bolts needed to install your racing seat. You’ll need at least four for each bracket, slider, and side-mount. Use a socket and ratchet set to install.

The Installation Process

Once you have all the tools you need, you can begin installing your racing seats. Below are three tips to help you during the process.

1. Assemble Your New Chair

Attach the seat brackets and sliders (if you want them) to your new racing car seat. It will be easiest to install the brackets by placing the chair down on its side on a soft surface.

2. Out With the Old

Take out the factory seat that came with your car. Start by removing the rear bolts and the front bolts. Then you’ll need to unplug the seat connectors. You can tilt your seat back to get a better view.

After that, you can remove the chair from the car, and then if you need to, you can remove the seat belt buckle.

3. In With the New

Next, place your chair in your car, and be careful not to scratch your vehicle. Attach all electrical connectors and line up the seat bracket. When it’s aligned, use the nuts and bolts to bolt down the racing seat.

If you have sliders attached, you can use them to move the car seat to get the best angle. The last step is to check that the car seat’s position is correct.

Enjoy Your New Racing Seats

After following this guide to install your new car seat, the last step is to sit back and enjoy it. The installation process will be the same for a conventional and racing bucket seat.

For more guides on racing seats, keep tabs on our blog!

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