3 Ways to Go Greener with Your Car

3 Ways to Go Greener with Your Car

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The big push towards eco-friendly vehicles is really at its full force right now. The release of the Tesla Model 3 brought affordable electric cars closer to reality. There are also more electric cars on the market, and they come with more features and longer range. The prices of electric cars are still beyond the reach of many, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be eco-friendly. Your existing car can be made more efficient and friendlier to the environment. You just have to use these three tips we are about to discuss in this article.

It’s How You Drive

The first thing to know about efficiency and eco-friendliness is that your driving style matters more than what you’re driving. In an old Top Gear episode, a UK-based motoring show, Jeremy Clarkson compared the BMW M3 against the Toyota Prius. The Prius was driven vigorously, while the M3 simply followed along. The result was surprising. The M3 scored higher in fuel efficiency, mainly because it was driven in a certain way. This proves that altering your driving style a little bit can seriously boost fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness. You want to drive the car within a certain optimum range of RPM. Instead of pushing the car to its limit, change gear slightly sooner and revive the car at a lower RPM. Try to drive defensively; anticipate changes around you and minimize the use of brakes whenever possible. These are small changes, but they are changes that matter.

Go for a Regular Service

How you maintain your car matters too. For the car to remain fuel-efficient, you need the engine to work perfectly. This is a state that can only be achieved with regular – and detailed – maintenance. At the very least, you want to follow the vehicle’s service schedule to ensure it is maintained properly. Pay attention to details like tire pressure and air filters. Clogged air filters make it difficult for the engine to get enough air for optimum combustion, reducing its efficiency level by a substantial margin. Tire pressure has the same effect on eco-friendliness too. Regular maintenance won’t just help keep the car eco-friendly and efficient. It is also good practice for keeping the overall running costs of the car at a minimum. You pay less in fuel and big repairs by spending a little on regular oil changes and general maintenance.

Recycle and Repurpose

One last method of keeping your car eco-friendly is by recycling. Some parts of your car cannot be disposed of as is. The car’s battery, for instance, needs to be sent to the right recycling facility for proper disposal. Used oil, other fluids, and parts may require the same careful handling. Taking the necessary steps to dispose of these things properly is a big contribution on its own. You are saving the environment from harmful fluids and parts, reducing the waste your car produces in general. It is easy to keep a car as eco-friendly as possible, especially now that you have these tips to help you. If you want to know more about how you can keep your car green, you can also visit speedfinal.com and read more articles. You will find the resources there to be invaluable if you are a true car lover.

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