5 Top Professions Dominated by Women

5 Top Professions Dominated by Women

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The days when women stayed at home, took care of the house, and raised the children have been behind them for many, many years now. Even during World War II, women worked as nurses, drove trucks, and performed other tasks to free men up to go into combat and protect their country. The outcome of the second world war changed the way that the country looked at women forever.

Today, women are some of the leading forces in society and have done a lot to keep the country going strong and right. For years now, women have dominated quite a few career fields, from nurses to nurse practitioners, and from nurse-midwives to real estate agents, there isn’t much that a woman can’t do in today’s modern society. While many fields are still male-dominated, for the most part, there are a few areas where women have dominated the professions.

Registered Nurse

As of 2019, the percentage of women employed as a registered nurse was at 92.3% and growing. However, that’s not all, as women tend to dominate when it comes to getting their master’s degree in the science of nursing (MSN) and bachelor’s degree in nursing. Women are also more likely to become nurse practitioners than men are. Nursing has always been pretty much a female-dominated field, as it involves taking care of patients. If you would like to get your master of science in nursing, there are plenty of colleges out there that would love to have you, as there is a growing need for people in the medical field altogether.

Real Estate


Another profession where women are dominating is in the real estate industry. From selling in apartment communities to working for Venterra Realty, where they have been voted as one of the top five Houston businesses by Fortune’s Best Workplace for Women’s list, women dominate as realtors. They have a sense of pride in doing so. Over 60% of realtors now are women, and that number is steadily climbing.


At present, 76% of the education system is made up of female educators. Keep in mind that this category includes everything from kindergarten through high school and into college as well. Being an educator is very rewarding for most people, and you have to have a passion for the job and the desire to help others succeed, something that most women are born with.

Public Relations


Public relations is also a career field that women are dominating in. The proportion of women working in the public relations profession is over 60%. While they dominate in the public relations field, the executive level of this occupation seems to be still just a bit out of reach. While women aren’t dominant here, it won’t be long until they break the glass ceiling and move up to the CEO level in this profession. If you’re considering getting into the public relations field, do your research, get your degree and then take any great company by storm.


At one time, the accounting world was filled with nothing but men–but not any longer. Women make up over 60% of this profession as of 2019. There is still a ways to go for women to break into and dominate upper-management positions in the accounting field, but it’s only a matter of time.

These are just a few of the professions where women are currently dominating. Women had come a long way from the days when they stayed home, and the men brought in the money. Times have changed, and they continue to do so at a good rate of speed.

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