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Engineered hardwood flooring comprises several layers of wood, typically ranging from 5-7 layers of wood. Only the top and bottom layers comprise the wood you select, which can be anything from Oak to African mahogany. The plywood in the middle layers is laid in a crisscross pattern. More the number of plywood more is the stability of wood. Engineered hardwood can be installed on wood and concrete or vinyl subfloors compared to solid hardwood, which can be installed only on wooden subfloors. It is structurally more stable, and you can fit them more quickly compared to solid wood. All these reasons make engineered hardwood the most preferred one for flooring in households and offices these days. Read more to find out the benefits of engineered hardwood…Great Intelligence.

It is generally considered as the next generation wood flooring. It comes in different shades of earth colors and gives a natural feel. The wide range of shades and patterns helps you best pick the ideal one that compliments your tastes and the furniture at your home. A good hardwood floor not only looks appealing but gives a classic and luxurious look to your house. Since it’s not just one piece of wood but many layers bonded together, it is highly stable and resistant to climatic changes. When it comes to longevity, it will last for years and can be sanded and refinished also and is relatively easier to install because the planks just stick together without using nails or glue.

Unlike solid wood, it does not fluctuate in size by expanding or contracting, making it safer for installing in surroundings prone to damage due to solid wood. It’s a durable solution that accounts for 90% of its sale in wood flooring. It’s environmentally friendly since the wood is sliced and is specially manufactured to better suit hot and humid climates. Since it comes pre-finished, it’s walkable on immediately after installation. Its flexibility makes it easy to install. Since it has closed joints between the boards, it does not allow dust or allergy-causing organisms to accumulate, helping you protect your house from allergens.


It matches up with the ceramic flooring’s structured height, so there are no transitions in the house. If the product starts to show wear after many years of use, it’s a better recommendation to simply screen and recoat the floor by putting a fresh layer of finish on top of the existing layer. The price of engineered hardwood is less than solid wood, and so is its cost of maintenance. While it can be installed on the top and the first few floors of your house, engineered hardwood is also suitable for basement floors and kitchen floors since it is resistant to moisture.

All these factors contribute to the fact that engineered hardwood is undoubtedly a better option for flooring.

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