6 Key Tips for Electric Motor Maintenance

6 Key Tips for Electric Motor Maintenance

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The electric motor is one of the most valuable components which is responsible to create a huge impact on any business’ productivity. It is crucial that proper maintenance is taken into consideration if you want to operate the electric motor well for a long and reliable term.

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Proper checklist maintenance is mandatory for all the employees so that they are aware of all types of sounds and noticeable signs that can help in knowing when repairs are needed. This may seem to be an intimidating task at first; however, by following the correct instructions, you will surely be able to keep an ordered track of all the maintenance that has taken place.

Here are some useful guidelines that will surely be helpful in proper electric motor maintenance:

  • Regular Visual Inspections

There is a constant need for conducting a visual check on the electric motor to prevent electric motor repair. Always make sure you record every vital detail after you inspect the electric motor checking if all its physical functioning is working fine. In case of any speck of dirt or rust that gets surrounded over the electric motor, that will surely result in hampering the performance of the motor. Therefore, it is necessary that proper steps should be taken to eliminate the corrosion to avert any serious problem.

Also, keep an eye over the motor windings and check for any odor that might take place due to overheating. Also, keep it clean so as to prevent any debris from getting accumulated over the surface of the motor. Always make sure that the motor should be isolated from exposure to dirt, moisture, and other critical conditions.

  • Keep a check on Lubrication

Regular oiling or greasing of the electric motor is crucial to keep the machine in a working state. It will not only lessen the chance of any problems from occurring but also their machine helps to maintain oil levels in a proper manner.

  • Keep an eye on the bearings

The most common reason behind the electric motor failure is due to bearing failure. It may arise because of heavy loading, insufficient lubrication, worn-out bearings, overheating of the motor or harsh surrounding environments.

Now, it is necessary to note that the maintenance of bearing is largely dependent upon the external environment and the type of bearings being used. Overheating can be measured using a thermometer or any temperature sensing device.

  • Safeguard from Excess Vibrations

It is imperative to help safeguard the electric motor from the extravagant vibrations when the motor is kept idle for long. The vibrations prevail in the motor when it is not in use that also leads to vibrations in the bearings that makes a direct contact between the metals when it operates the next time.

Always keep a keen eye on any vibrating object that might be placed near it which in turn can be a cause of vibrations.

  • Managing the moisture

While vibrations are one of the important factors that should be taken care of, but there are other concerns too like moisture. If the electric motor is exposed to moisture it will boost the growth of rust formation. This can be handled if you provide proper lubrication to the bearings at the right time.

  • Maintain proper Audit and documentation

There is a need to keep a proper audit or documentation at a scheduled time frame say once a week or month. This will help in maintaining a track of all the smaller faults that take place in the electric motor. Also, it will help one identify the last time the motor got its service.

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