A Closer Look at NextGen Healthcare’s Software Solutions

A Closer Look at NextGen Healthcare’s Software Solutions

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A Closer Look at NextGen Healthcare's Software Solutions 1

Have you dedicated your all to growing your medical office—from hiring only the best staff to providing the highest quality to your patients—yet scaling even further seems almost impossible?

While switching to entirely new software to manage your clinic might be the last thing you want to do, it may be a worthwhile investment for your clinic’s prosperity and growth. Technology has always been the future of the healthcare industry, and it goes beyond what it can do for treatments and diagnosis. One specific company paving the way for innovations in medical administration software is NextGen Healthcare.

Say Hello to the Next Generation of Healthcare Software

NextGen Healthcare is a software solutions company that aims to empower clinics and private practices to improve healthcare quality using modern technology. They’ve been in the field of enhancing healthcare since 1974, offering a variety of tools and software solutions for clinics. They also ranked first in the KLAS 2021 report of service providers in practice management software and electronic medical records (EMR) software.

Some of NextGen Healthcare software solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Practice Management,
  • Electronic Medical and Healthcare Records,
  • Revenue Cycle Management,
  • Patient Portal, and
  • Telehealth.

NextGen Office

In addition to its large-scale software solutions, NextGen specializes in small practices software. The NextGen Office software solutions are cloud-based, allowing easy integration with pre-existing systems without compatibility issues.

Electronic Health Records and Practice Management

Electronic healthcare records (EHR) software is the digital version of patients’ medical documents, including medical history, charts, diagnoses, and doctor’s notes. Practice management (BPM) software, on the other hand, is responsible for the business side of running a clinic or private practice. It helps in administrative tasks, automation of background chores, and general client and staff management.

Because NextGen EHR and PM software plays a critical role in running a clinic, they often require a certain level of knowledge and skill to implement correctly. For that, specialized consulting companies help clinics implement and optimize NextGen PM and medical billing software, along with EHR, all while providing staff with the training they need to use the software.

Revenue Cycle Management

Financial stability and independence are keys to keeping a clinic open for business. But the billing cycle in the healthcare industry is one of the most complex processes out there, with over five steps needed to get precisely right to generate revenue.

Using NextGen Revenue Cycle Management software allows the automation and streamlining of most of the billing and revenue process with minimum intervention from clinic staff, allowing clinic staff to focus more of their time and energy on providing quality care to patients.

NextGen Enterprise and Applications

NextGen doesn’t just offer basic software solutions to help run and manage clinics. They also provide enterprise-level tools and applications that handle every aspect of running a successful practice.

  • Analytics – The healthcare industry is in a constant state of growth and change. To keep up, healthcare providers need accurate and meaningful analytics and insights into their current environment, from patient demographic to marketplace status. NextGen analytics offers just that, allowing office managers to always make informed decisions backed by data.
  • Interoperability – Clinics don’t need to operate in a vacuum; more often than not, proper communication and transfer of information with other clinics and healthcare providers are necessary. With NextGen interoperability solutions, essential information can easily be exchanged online without worrying about incompatible software or file formats, prioritizing the patient’s health and comfort.
  • Population Health – With NextGen population health management, clinics can face the local area’s health challenges. With multi-sourced and professionally visualized data, physicians can access valuable information, such as localized patient demographics and general population health, common conditions, and likely incidents.
  • Patient Engagement – Patient engagement, like inclusion in information collecting, diagnosis, and decision-making, builds trust between a doctor and a patient. While concentration used to be resource-intensive, with the help of NextGen, physicians and office managers can connect with patients using a patient portal. The portal grants patients access to their medical records and the ability to schedule visits and communicate securely online.

Upgrading to the Right Software Suit

Upgrading from your old PM software—or having no software at all—is a big step that needs a lot of planning and consideration. From your clinic’s current situation, plans of growth and scalability, and patient demographic, you might need help choosing the right software solutions. With a solution like NextGen Healthcare, you can rest assured that you’re getting high-quality software that serves your clinic and patients’ best interests.

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