Factors to consider when hiring a plumber

Factors to consider when hiring a plumber

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You are in the process of hiring a plumber that will address your plumbing problems. This is one of the wisest decisions you can ever make. You should never attempt to fix plumbing issues yourself. An experienced and licensed plumber knows the best and most cost-effective way to fix all plumbing and gas related problems. We are all looking for professional, experienced, certified, and trustworthy qualities when hiring a plumber or gas fitter. Here is a list of checks you can use to help you choose the right plumber or gas fitter.

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The company must have a valid license.

Like any other industry, plumbing is highly regulated by the respective governing bodies. Every state and country has standards that these professionals must meet; therefore, companies that offer these services must be licensed. Dealing with a licensed company ensures that you get the best services from the provider and in case you have any complaints or insurance claims, either due to substandard work or accidental damage. Check if the company has the necessary business licenses before committing to the contract, and do not take word of mouth. For example, a Brisbane Plumber needs to abide by Queensland and Australian standards, which requires them to have a valid QBBC license.

Experience in the industry

Always check how long has the plumbing company has been in the business. The longer the period of service, the better experienced the company is. You don’t want to get someone who will be learning on the job, not with your house. Plumbing is an expensive investment, and you want to source the best service provider in your local area. Take the time to look for the right person and ensure that you don’t get someone inexperienced. Someone who has been in the industry for more than eight years can be trusted because that length of time can only be sustained by providing quality work and good relationships.

Insurance coverage

Any plumber worth even considering for a plumbing or gas quote must have insurance coverage. That means the workers must be insured and your property for public liability and accidental damage. If an accident occurs and any of the workers on-site gets injured, they need to be compensated. Besides, your property might be damaged in the process of plumbing work. If that happens, you will be compensated for the loss. A plumber who is not insured may seem to be a little less expensive, but if anything happens, you could pay dearly for it.

The plumbing services offered by the company

Most of the companies specialize in specific areas in plumbing. The plumber may be a specialist in residential plumbing issues but not good at fixing commercial problems. Whenever you approach a plumber or gas fitter for services, you must ensure that they provide the work area’s relevant services.


Different plumbers offer different quotations for their services. We all want the cheapest deals in life, but we must ensure that we are getting quality work. Look for a plumber who charges reasonably for their services and has a reputation of offering perfect services. Before you sign the dotted line on that contract, ensure that you are comfortable with the company’s offerings and everything is included in the contract. Always get around five quotes. If any of the quotes seem extraordinarily high or extraordinarily low, that should be ringing alarm bells and should be avoided.

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