Google’s mobile-first index likely not coming until 2018 at earliest

Google’s mobile-first index likely not coming until 2018 at earliest

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At SMX Advanced, Gary Illyes says Google will “talk lots” earlier than rolling out the cell-first index.
Google is “probably many quarters away” from launching its cellular-first index. So said Gary Illyes, Google webmaster traits analyst, at some point of a crowded session Tuesday afternoon at our SMX Advanced convention in Seattle.Java Leech.

“It’s going to be a large exchange, however, don’t freak out,” Iles stated.

SEOs and site owners had been thinking and anticipating a couple years now for information on when the mobile-first index will roll out. Illyes wasn’t capable of providing a genuine answer to that question today.

“We don’t have a timeline for the release yet,” Iles said. “We have a few ideas for whilst this will launch; however, it’s in all likelihood many quarters away. Our engineers’ timeline initially became a stop of 2017. Right now, we think more 2018. ”

He also emphasized that Google desires to roll out the cell-first index in a manner that doesn’t harm non-cellular pleasant websites, making a whole release take even longer.

“We’re thinking about how we can ensure we handiest consist of inside the cellular-first index websites that won’t be harm via the cellular-first index. The longer time frame can be numerous years — perhaps five years — earlier than we reach an index that is handiest cellular-first,” he said.

Much as he did at SMX West earlier this year, Illyes, again and again, instructed webmasters, “don’t freak out” about the change to a cellular-first index. He says Google plans to be very proactive in talking with site owners about it.

“We want to speak plenty with publishers approximately the mobile-first index and not allow them to get surprised through it,” he stated.

He additionally confident the target audience that Google’s eventual transfer to a cellular-first index doesn’t mean that desktop content will prevent ranking. “Mobile-first manner cellular-first. It handiest way that we’ll look for mobile content material first,” Iles stated.


Part of Illyes’s talk additionally focused on the demanding situations Google faces in developing a cell-first index. There’s an awful lot less cellular content material and fewer links to index, as an example. And a whole lot of cellular content material is missing things like rel=canonical, rel-annotations, and such.

“If you have got a responsive website, then you definitely are quite plenty precise to move,” he said. “Why? Because the content on your desktop website could be quite a lot equal on your responsive website. The established records on your desktop web page will be equal. There is going to be slight variations in how you gift the facts, but we’re seeking to be prepared.”

Illyes also defined that content material hidden at the back of “study more” links on a page through CSS will nevertheless be able to rank in the mobile-first index.

The bottom line for webmasters and SEOs where Google’s cell-first index is concerned? It’s not taking place soon, so be affected the person and get your internet site(s) geared up.

“You have plenty of time to make those changes in your web page,” Iles said.

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