Is a Prescription Required for Male Enhancement Pills

Is a Prescription Required for Male Enhancement Pills

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Throughout history, men have worried about their ability to perform sexually in a variety of ways. Thus, many pills and products on the market will help men last longer, perform better, and have a higher sex drive. While many sexual performance pills can come by way of a health care provider’s prescription, there are several over the counter options. In short, sexual enhancement pills for men do not have to be purchased through a doctor, contrary to popular belief.

Are enhancement pills right for you?


Whether your goal is finding out how to last longer during sex or having issues maintaining an erection, there is likely an over-the-counter pill or supplement for you. Some of these pills are made with all-natural ingredients designed to increase blood flow or give you extra energy during sexual activity. Others contain over the counter grade drugs that are said to help with male sexual function.

Because of the variety of pills and products on the market for male enhancement, it is always a good idea to talk to a doctor before taking them. While most of these over the counter drugs will make claims of helping you with sexual issues or providing overall enhancement, you will want to do your research. Check to see if the pills are backed by any official agency or even look up reviews from others who have used them.

Found in convenience stores, gas stations, and pharmacies alike, it’s even possible to find these pills in big box stores in the health section. But before you make a purchase, be sure to do your homework too. There are some supplements for these issues that cause the heart to speed up and other side effects like shaking and dizziness. Always consult your doctor before you ingest male enhancement supplements.

Benefits of a Doctor’s Prescription


If over the counter pills and products aren’t working for you or your male partner, another option is to see a doctor. There are many remedies for sexual dysfunctions. While most doctors will not prescribe medication to improve performance alone for ego’s sake, they will write out a prescription if a man suffers from erectile dysfunction or other common sexual issues like pre-ejaculation.

One benefit of seeing a doctor could be the discounts you could get on your prescription at the pharmacy. While over the counter pills won’t be covered by insurance and don’t qualify for a pharmacy discount, prescription products might be.

Common Misconceptions


Sadly, many men find themselves struggling with embarrassment around the topic of male sexual function. They will spend time alone reading online and listening to self help books or other information about enhancement products and wondering if they will really work. The reality is that the only way to know what might work for you is to try. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. In truth, sexual dysfunction is a common problem that can affect men at any age. Various things like stress, life changes, new partners, past experiences, overall happiness, and even diet can contribute to bed issues.

If you are suffering from these issues and are embarrassed to talk to your partner about them. There are also anonymous support groups online for men in the same situation as you. Therapists could help with this too. Don’t be afraid to reach out either through the products themselves or by calling a professional. Sex is entirely natural, and every human being deserves their best chance at a satisfying experience that makes them feel good about themselves and their partners too.

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