How to use Photoshop for making a sticker?

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Photoshop is one of the most used tools by graphic designers. The graphic designers see this tool as their one-stop solution for all the needs. The software can deliver all the required features to graphic designers and help them maintain the quality of their work.

The software’s super amazing performance has always helped the graphic designers in many situations by delivering the best performance with its unique and superb features. Though there are many other tools and software that deliver the same quality of work as Photoshop, in reality, Photoshop has been delivering way better performance than all of that software.

With Photoshop, you can deliver the expected results to the clients. Photoshop is also viewed as one of the best software to prepare wall decals. The super amazing features let you play with your imagination and come up with unique and desirable results. For all those who want to learn how to use this software for making the stickers, here are some of the steps that they can follow:

How to make a sticker in Photoshop - PhotoshopCAFE

  1. Visualize your design: Before you start working on the software and try to add wings to your imagination, the first basic step you should do is visualize your idea on a piece of paper. You must first draw your design on paper and be exactly sure of how you want your design to be. Add all the detailing that you want in your final design. This will help you know how your design looks and save time while working on the software.

You will take less time to make the same design with the software’s help when you have everything prepared right in front of your eyes. When you know what you want, it actually becomes easy to get it. The same can be done with the software.

  1. Set up the document: After you are done with the drawing of your idea on the piece of paper, the next thing that you need to do is, launching the software. When you are ready to replicate the same design with the software, you must start the software and set the documents inside the software. You need to adjust the document with certain settings like resolution, size, and color of the requirement before saving the file. The recommended specifications that you can use areas:
  1. Shape the sticker: Post setting the required specification, the next step is to give the desired shape to the sticker. You must draw a similar shape of the sticker as you have drawn on the piece of paper with full details. Try to have as much precision as you can while drawing the shape.
  2. Using the graphic options available: Stickers can also be drawn by selecting some available file from your device and using the software’s existing graphic options. Using an available image will help you save your time by not starting from scratch and let you explore many software options. Whereas if you don’t have an image, you can draw the image and then use the software features.
  3. Print: Once you have done everything with the sticker, you must group every layer of your sticker together and then print it in a desirable size.

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