Short Vs. Long-Term Financial Riddles and Solutions

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When it comes to finances, the goal is always to be debt-free, have a great credit score, live within your means, and feel like you’re successfully moving toward a goal of some type of rainy day savings. Though, for many people, this feels like an unachievable goal because they’ve already gotten stuck in a hole of debt. There is light at the end of the tunnel, though, and a few ways to approach it!

Short Vs. Long-Term Financial Riddles and Solutions 1

Slow and fast are your choices – and which path you take will depend on your circumstances and attitude. So thinking from the perspectives of fixing credit fast or slow, where you get loans from to consolidate, and then how willing you are to adjust your lifestyle – that’s where the answer to your riddle is going to lie.

Fixing Credit Fast

There isn’t anything necessarily wrong with fixing credit fast, as long as you do it the right way. And if you can pull it off, the fastest way to do this is to simply pay off all the balance on your credit cards and loans in one fell swoop. Get money from somewhere to just pull that trigger and zero those sums out. Instant better credit will be your reward.

Fixing Credit Slow

Fixing credit more slowly is often a more practical approach, and it has all of the benefits ultimately. However, while it’s still regaining its traction, you don’t benefit from the positive score. Typically, fixing credit slowly will mean paying more than the monthly minimum on all of your debts and being sure not to accrue any more finance charges anywhere else.

Getting Loans From Companies

If you’re trying to get loans to solve your financial riddles, then doing so through companies or banks isn’t a bad idea. You can apply for loans at banks and give them the necessary information to understand your situation. The rate that you can negotiate will help you standardize your ability to pay monthly installments.


Getting Loans From People

Getting loans from people, like friends or family, can also help your short- and long-term approaches to your finances. Because these are more casual endeavors, you can get rid of some of the official stress and anxiety that working with institutions can cause.

How Drastically Do You Want To Change Your Standard of Living?

Ultimately, when you’re deciding whether you want to go slow or fast when it comes to fixing the debt, you have to ask yourself how much of a sacrifice in your standard of living you’re willing to go through. The more you accept limiting your luxury and enjoyment, the quicker you’ll be able to appreciate those things while being financially responsible later.

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