Tips for Night Shift Workers

Tips for Night Shift Workers

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In some industries such as hospitals and security firms, working during the night is unavoidable. And so some of the workers have to work the night shift. It is not always easy to work night shift but with the right information and self-discipline, it can be done. One of the biggest challenges that shift workers face is sleep loss and this can result to be a health problem as you, how important it is to get enough sleep. The following tips will help you to always organize yourself and stay healthy as you continue your night shift duty.

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1.Give yourself time to adjust

It will be good for you if you’ve just started to work night shift to give yourself enough time to adapt. Your body is not used to your new routine and obviously, it isn’t going to be easy for you at the beginning. So don’t get worried if you find yourself sleeping a lot during your shift or not been able to sleep during the day. With time your body will adjust.

2.Change your environment

Trick your mind to act opposite by making some changes both at your workplace and in your bedroom. Have a bright light at your workplace to make it look like a daylight, this will make you more productive and not feeling sleepy. Have dark curtains in your bedroom to be able to sleep even when the sun is so bright outside. You can alternatively invest in blackout shades and earplugs to block you from the outside noise when you are sleeping.

3.Stick to your routine

Changing your shift now and then will do you no good since it will make your body not to adapt easily. E.g. if you work two days on night shift and three days day shift, your schedule too will be affected and you might find yourself unable to sleep when it is necessary and this can lead to having a sleeping disorder. So if you can decide, take a night shift throughout if not a day shift.

4.Do exercise

It is advisable you take 30 minutes to one hour break during your shift. You can take a nap during this time only if it’s not going to affect anyone negatively. Alternatively, do a physical activity to keep yourself active during the remaining hours. Also in the morning after work, do some exercise, take a shower and eat a healthy breakfast before you go to bed.

5.Socialize and learn more

Take great advantage of your free time and especially during your off days or when you are exchanging the shift. You may find that some time you’ve up to 36 hours or more away from your job. Don’t oversleep or stay idle, you can use that time to be with friends or family and when they are busy on their shifts you can go online and add your knowledge. E.g. you can do some Free Cna Practice Test.

Above all said getting the right support from the people who are close to you or your family will help you a lot. Let them understand your schedule and you’ll have a peace of mind even when you are sleeping as they won’t come disturbing you.

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