What is the Petrol Price in Mumbai, Pune & Nagpur?

What is the Petrol Price in Mumbai, Pune & Nagpur?

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Petrol Prices in Maharashtra

When assessing the price of petrol in Maharashtra, it is worth noting that there exist a wide range of variations in the prices that prevail in different locations. India is predominantly dependent on oil imports. Therefore, petrol prices are primarily reliant on the variations in international crude oil prices.

Petrol Price

The price of petrol in Maharashtra is dependent upon a number of factors. These include the following.

  • Crude oil expenses that are borne by oil marketing companies.
  • Refinery transfer prices owed to refineries
  • Additional expenses faced by oil-marketing companies
  • Value-added taxes
  • Central excise duty
  • Commission rates as charged by dealers
  • Freight charges

Keeping the above factors in mind, it is important to understand the daily variations that might exist in petrol prices in Maharashtra. Read on to understand the prevailing petrol prices in Mumbai, Pune & Nagpur today.

Petrol Price in Mumbai

When assessing the petrol price in Mumbai, the following factors become apparent.

Since petrol prices can fluctuate on a daily basis, those setting out on long journeys can find themselves potentially losing out in terms of their petrol expenses.

For the residents of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane, there is a 39.54 per cent VAT on petrol. All other locations in Maharashtra incur a 38.54 per cent VAT at their petrol pumps.

Today, the petrol price in Mumbai amounts to Rs. 107.26 per litre. This price has not witnessed a variation over the past ten days and has remained uniform.

Petrol Price in Pune

The petrol price in Pune today amounts to Rs. 107.55. This lies in contrast to the petrol prices that prevailed over the past ten days.

Peruse the table featured below to grasp these variations in petrol prices in Pune.

DatePrice (per liter)Price Change Rs.
September 20, 2021Rs. 106.83-0.26
September 19, 2021Rs. 107.090.33
September 18, 2021Rs. 106.76-0.17
September 17, 2021Rs. 106.930.10
September 16, 2021Rs. 106.83-0.35
September 15, 2021Rs. 107.180.21
September 14, 2021Rs. 106.970.21
September 13, 2021Rs. 106.76-0.41
September 12, 2021Rs. 107.170.29
September 11, 2021Rs. 106.88-0.78

Petrol Price in Nagpur

There have been fluctuations in the price of petrol in Nagpur owing to which the price has varied over the past ten days.

Today, petrol costs Rs. 107.01 per litre in Nagpur, which falls in contrast to the Rs. 107.18 price that prevailed on September 10, 2021.

Scan the table featured below to understand the variations in petrol prices in Nagpur.

DatePrice (per liter)Price Change Rs.
September 20, 2021Rs. 107.38-0.26
September 19, 2021Rs. 107.010.33
September 18, 2021Rs. 107.01-0.17
September 17, 2021Rs. 107.010.10
September 16, 2021Rs. 107.02-0.35
September 15, 2021Rs. 107.010.21
September 14, 2021Rs. 107.180.21
September 13, 2021Rs. 107.16-0.41
September 12, 2021Rs. 107.070.29
September 11, 2021Rs. 107.18-0.78


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