What We Know About CBD For Dogs

What We Know About CBD For Dogs

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There is nothing more satisfying and loving than seeing your fluffy furball racing towards you after a long, hard days’ work and jumping into your arms and smothering you in endless kisses, dogs never tire to be affectionate and this is why we need them in our lives.

Owning a pet is rewarding on so many levels. Firstly, you always have someone that supports you no matter what, they don’t ask questions, they don’t give unwanted opinions they’re just there for you, and sometimes all we need is someone to sit with us.

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Now when it comes to looking after your pet it involves all aspects of care, physical, emotionally and all-round well-being with regards to their diet and meal plans. Even dogs need to have the best available nutrition with all the essential minerals and vitamins.

CBD for your dog.

CBD oil, also known as Cannabidiol, comes from the hemp flower cannabis. It has been widely used around the world for its medicinal and therapeutic properties for 100’s of years and still is today with increasing popularity.

Many people are opting for more natural and organic medicines turning to Mother Nature for help and trying new methods of extractions of herbs without all the harmful side effects and reactions.

And as we change our lifestyles within the home, our eating habits are tweaked, we’re more conscious of ingredients on the back of products and this should be no different whether it be for your child or your furry family member.

CBD oil has become more sought after with rave reviews from satisfied customers having ‘given it a go’ to help their pet when all other options have failed and had significant results once making the dietary changes. While studies are not completely concrete and conclusive to the use of the hemp yet, the success stories are certainly on the rise.

There are certain differences when it comes to hemp, cannabis, CBD oil containing THC and the extraction of this hallucinogenic compound, you can see what they are in this article on CBD oil and its processes and get a more in-depth understanding of it all.

5 Benefits of CBD oil for your dog.

  • Stress. When the oil reacts with the neurons in the brain and maintains a constant state of well-being the usual explosion of neurons being transmitted in waves is now regulated and significantly decreases the outburst of anxiety.
  • Aid in pain relief. Just like us as dogs’ age and get on in their years the ailments and creaking sets in, arthritis becomes an issue and joints start to stiffen often bringing on pain which they can’t communicate with us. Adding a few drops of CBD oil to their diet and it reduces the inflammation in the body which is often the cause of mild to moderate pain.
  • Seizures. With success in humans and now more so in pets the neurons being transmitted in the brain are no longer firing at irregular intervals causing a shock to the system and resulting in a fit or epileptic episode. These are often detrimental to the pup who usually has no idea of what has happened once the fit has calmed down.
  • Cancer Aid. CBD has been shown to stop the production of the protein cells that feed cancer-causing tumors.
  • Digestion. No more clogging up of digestive systems or upset stomachs when a simple few drops of CBD oil are given to your pet in whichever form is comfortable for both them and you.

To learn more about the advantages of using CBD oil or just to educate yourself before trying it out use this link and see how beneficial its uses have become and how you can best implement it into your pets’ diet.

You never know until you try, and if you have tried everything else and your beloved dog is still not his usual self, what have you got to lose? They are our family and we need to take care of them the best way we know how.

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