When to Replace Your Air Conditioner

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Today, we take air conditioning for granted. Our favorite gym is always cool and refreshing, even while we work up a sweat. Our workplaces are comfortable during long hours at the office, and our homes are relaxing havens.

However, just as we don’t give the air conditioner at the gym or at work a second thought, we often don’t think more deeply about the air conditioner at home. Now maybe time to consider replacing your air conditioner.

Common Bad HVAC Habits

We all have bad habits, many of which are harmless if you don’t take them too far. Some common bad HVAC habits could be reducing your air conditioner’s efficiency or contributing to its shorter lifespan. Some bad habits can cost you a significant amount of money in HVAC repair bills, and you may not realize the expenses.

  • Not changing the air filters regularly.
  • Planting shrubs or not maintaining plants near the outdoor unit.
  • Shutting registers or vents.
  • Constantly adjusting the thermostat.
  • Neglecting regular HVAC system maintenance.

Have you noticed any of the following items regarding your current air conditioner? They may signal that the time has come for a new one.

Your Air Conditioner’s Age


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Many air conditioners last between 12 to 15 years. If your air conditioner is around this age range or older, you could benefit from a new one. New air conditioners are more energy-efficient, and you can breathe easier knowing they are less prone to breakdowns.

Poor Operating Efficiency

Is your air conditioner turning on more often to keep your house at the temperature you’ve set on your thermostat? It may not be operating as efficiently as it once did. By replacing your old air conditioner with a new one, you may be able to save money over time with lower utility bills.

Frequent Need for Repairs

If your air conditioner has already quit on you a few times, your unit could be nearing the end of its life. You could simply save significant amounts of money on repair bills by replacing your air conditioner. With a new unit, you can rest assured it will serve you through the longest heatwaves.

Outdated R-22 Refrigerant Usage

The outdated refrigerant known as R-22 will soon no longer be available. Why can’t you replace your R-22 refrigerant with R-410A and keep your existing air conditioner working? The air compressors are different, as are several other parts needed to operate your air conditioner correctly. As a result, you’ll need to upgrade to a new air conditioner.

Integration With Tech-Advanced Thermostats

You can integrate new home HVAC systems with the latest thermostat technology and program new thermostats based on the weather, time of day, and other lifestyle factors. Imagine controlling your air conditioner through virtual personal assistants such as Alexa, Google, or Cortana. Older air conditioners aren’t compatible with advanced thermostat technology.

Considering the factors we’ve discussed above, do you feel it’s time to replace your current air conditioner? The best way to know for sure is to speak with a knowledgeable HVAC services provider about your needs today.

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