8 Vertical Gardening Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

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 For the best interior designers in Bangalore, vertical gardening is a recent fad worldwide due to its creativity among gardeners. In today’s world, gardening is no longer restricted to the ground; it reaches a height where people are uniquely creating vertical gardens.

Vertical Gardening is a straightforward and creative process where one can recycle or upcycle unused items to recreate new ideas.

Vertical Gardens is gaining popularity as they are less space-consuming as well, as it increases the uniqueness of our houses’ interior. Here are the best eight tips for Vertical Gardening for different rooms of the house.

Attaching baskets contain flowers to the blank wall creates a beautiful environment for gardening. Note that these baskets are made up of wood, holding colorful flowers and with fantastic fragrance.

To cover the remaining portion of the wall, one can put herbs and climbers like a money plant, which will enhance the beauty of the wall.

  • Wall Garden – Dining Room Vertical Gardening Ideas

The combination of lights and plants is rich, and it can be perfect for the dining room environment. Also, this greenery will correspond to the dining table as well. Interior designers in Bangalore’s idea is specially designed for the modern type of interior designers. With this interior, one can create a three-dimensional effect on the wall.

  • Old Items upscaled for A New look – Courtyard.

The old show racks, chicken boxes can also be converted into a garden. As these are made up of wood, it gives a rich and natural touch to the vertical garden.

8 Vertical Gardening Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind 1

  • Vertical Garden for House on Beach Front – Cottage

For a beachfront house, uniqueness plays an important role. So vining with the environment, one can use driftwood for the outline for the home. After making a frame of this wood, we can plant herbs and colorful flowers in it.

8 Vertical Gardening Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind 2

  • Wall Panel Showcases Gardening – Workplace

    8 Vertical Gardening Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind 3

This is the most unique vertical gardening you have ever seen. This gardening is the combination of tree branches, colorful flowers, and tiny succulents. If you plant this in a metal tray, then the whole scene will be more greenish and thriving.

  • Old dresser drawers gardening – Balcony

    8 Vertical Gardening Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind 4

Recycling is the key to moving on. While doing interior gardening, one can use the old unwanted items and create a vertical garden template. One can also use an unused or broken dressing for planting the flower pots in it.

  • Incorporated Object to Gardening Decor – Bedroom

    8 Vertical Gardening Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind 5

You can get some of the drawers from an old cabinet to design a gardening platform for your bedroom. One can place herbs in it so that it will give positivity to the bedroom. One can place drawers in random order so that it provides beauty with presence.

  • Pot Setup for Vertical Gardening – Entrance

    8 Vertical Gardening Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind 6

The final touch to your unique house is to welcome you to your home. Using this eye-catching technique of arranging the flower pot can be very useful in others’ eyes. It gives a presence that this house has something positive in it.

Final Thoughts

With the help of these eight mind-blowing ideas, you can give a natural touch to your house. Note that most of the materials used in these vertical gardens are from scrap. Also, what type of wood and which flowers are to be used is totally your choice depending upon the environment.

Along with interiors and modular kitchen Bangalore work, Vertical Gardening also gives your home a nice look and feel.

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