Best Promotional Gifts Ideas 2019

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A promotional product – something that not only promotes your brand but also simultaneously makes your customers happy as they get something useful. No other promoting method can be this much cooler. According to the pros, it is going to be the trendiest way of marketing in 2019. Now you might be highly interested in creating a promotional campaign. Isn’t it? But confused about which product will work better in 2019 to catch the gaze of people? Don’t be stressed! We are here to share the best promotional gift ideas that will be really exciting with you.

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1. 2-in-1 Key Ring with Charger Cable.

This is a product that is extremely useful and comes with a double benefit. Also, the good thing is that very few people own it. Most people go for promotional pens and do not opt for this. It comes with a loop to which keys can be attached easily, and it can be used to charge both iPhone and Android mobile. The best thing is your customer will take it along wherever he/she will go, and the visibility of your brand will automatically increase.

2. The Stojo.

A chic and eco-friendly travel accessory that most people will love to have. The store is a travel mug, and it is easily collapsible. Trust me, your customer will acknowledge you for this, and when others see it, they will surely ask him/her about where you got it from. Your brand is going to be highlighted at that time. Anyhow if not asked, your brand name or logo will automatically do the work. Don’t forget the environment, as it will also thank you for using an eco-friendly product.

3. Yoga Mats.

It is undoubtedly a unique way of promoting your brand. These days everyone is health conscious and prefer practicing yoga daily. It will leave a positive impact on yours so that you are asking your customers to stay fit and perform yoga by gifting yoga mats. Also, these mats provide a large print area to promote your company in a better way.

4. Jute Tote Bags.

While shopping, many people avoid buying a bag. So the jute tote bag you will gift to your customer will be a perfect solution. Moreover, being eco-friendly as it is made of jute, it is the best replacement for plastic bags. The bag will give broad exposure to your logo, and it will be clearly visible.

5. Printed Coasters.

It is an excellent way of marketing, indeed. At an event or any trade show, using coasters printed with your brand’s logo will generate more customers. You can sign a contract with a tea/coffee staller to use your coaster. So whosoever will drink coffee or tea will notice the coaster. You can use some creative prints to attract a massive number of people.

6. Hats.

It is a beneficial option and works well for the target market. The best thing is that a hat can be worn throughout the year in any season. Your brand will be the first thing that will be noticed when your customer wearing it will meet his/her friend or relative.

7. Water Bottles.

It is the necessity of all. Everyone prefers carrying personal water bottles when they either travel or go to work. So yes, your customer will appreciate you for gifting such a useful thing.

8. Chocolates.

Chocolate lovers will love you for such a sweet gesture. Moreover, it is an excellent idea and will leave a never lasting impression of yours.

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