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With the introduction of the Flow tool in Office 365, workflows can be created just as without difficulty as it turned into in SharePoint. Workflows have lengthy been one of the extra useful features in Microsoft SharePoint (and SharePoint Online). However, Microsoft has begun permitting a few Office 365 subscribers to create workflows outside of SharePoint using a new tool known as Flow.

Building Workflows with Flow for Office 365 1

As you may see in Figure 1, Flow is based on using templates. Templates provide Flow a way of speaking with the packages that you use. The display sizes show the E-mail and Notification templates, but there are numerous other templates to be had. If you click on the Templates menu, shown inside the previous menu, you will be taken to a display screen that allows you to download a massive form of additional templates. As you will likely count on, many templates revolve around Microsoft merchandise, including Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive. However, there are also templates for building workflows that leverage non-Microsoft apps or services. For example, there are templates for coping with your tweets or automatically adding items to your Google calendar.


So with that said, let’s take a look at what is worried about creating afloat. Obviously, the exact steps will vary, relying on the form of workflow you are growing. However, the fashionable technique stays extremely constant. To create afloat, the first component you’ll want to do is click on the template you need to apply. This will open a Web web page that tells you greater about the template. For instance, this page tells you which one’s apps or offerings are required in order on the way to use the template. For instance, the waft template generates a push notification when you get an email out of your boss calls for an Office 365 e-mail deal with and the Flow app, as shown in Figure 2.

In the case of creating a push notification when you receive an email message from your boss, growing a waft is as easy as clicking the Create Flow button. It takes numerous seconds after clicking the button earlier than whatever takes place; however, soon, the float is created, and you’re taken to a display like the one that is proven in Figure 3 that permits you to control the glide.

As you observe the display capture above, you may observe that there may be an Edit Flow hyperlink on the pinnacle of the display. Clicking on this hyperlink takes you to a display screen that offers you your first real taste of what the draft certainly does. As you may see in Figure 4, the Edit Flow display screen publications you step by step via the workflow. It also offers you the opportunity to feature workflow steps or to add missing information to the workflow. For example, the workflow is designed to send me a push notification once I receive an electronic mail message from my manager. Because I paintings for myself, the hassle is that I don’t have a manager, and so Flow does not realize which email deal with to scan for. As such, this screen offers me the opportunity to put in an email address of my selection. For instance, maybe I need to acquire a push notification when I get an e-mail message from my wife.

If you look back at Figure three, you may see that modifying the glide is the handiest option that might be listed on display. There is likewise a choice to show the go with the flow on or off, and there’s an option to download the Flows app for iOS or Android. Sadly, there is no Windows Phone app, although I may additionally very well be the sector’s closing Windows Phone consumer.

You may additionally have observed the menu bar alongside the pinnacle of some of the sooner screen captures. One of the options on this menu bar is Flows. Clicking on Flows takes you to a screen that lets you control your flows. As you may see in Figure five, it may be implemented to a user or a crew. However, what may be even greater thrilling in which you do not truly should use a template to create a drift. The Flows screen gives you the option of making a go with the flow from a template or building a new guide from scratch. Although I actually have not but had a hazard to absolutely explore all the float abilities, my guess is that flows will be exceptionally beneficial for automating the mundane obligations that knowledge people (and IT execs) engage in every day.

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