Can a Smartphone Be Your “Daily Driver” in 2020?

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Daily driver is a popular term in tech that originates from the car community and refers to the car, or phone in this case, that you’re using daily. As technology evolves so fast, one main question arises: Can a smartphone be your daily driver tech device even compared to something like a PC? We’ll explore the question in this article.



A lot of internet users only need a tech device for basic browsing tasks. This means just searching for information online whenever the need arises. For this type of task, smartphones obviously excel, and they are already the “daily driver” in many situations. If you’re outside or even indoors but just need a few quick directions or an answer to an easy question, you will probably use your smartphone.

Moreover, about 70% of all YouTube watch time and social media usage happens on mobile devices. This simply means that smartphones are slowly but surely replacing desktop PCs for content and social media interactions.


Smartphones are pretty great when it comes to gaming. They cannot run games that are as complex as the ones developed for PC, but they can still be pretty fun. In the last few years, we’ve noticed an increase in FPS games’ popularity that can output a satisfying experience if paired with a phone controller.

Users can also play simpler games like the casino ones. They are available from Google Play, and within a few clicks and a bit of waiting, you can start gambling online. These online casinos usually feature slots that you’re probably familiar with, like Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot, and Lucky Lady’s Charm.

The advantage of smartphones, unlike a PC, is that you can actually gamble even if you’re not at home. This mobility is a factor that many gamers find highly useful, especially the ones that want to keep their mind sharp at all times. And, often, you might just want to play casino games from your bed, and you can do that with a phone.

So, although it’s hard to compare smartphones to PCs when it comes to gaming, the apps developed for them can still be entertaining, and I think this is what matters the most.


Work is probably the aspect that disadvantages smartphones the most since PCs are the norm, or tech devices are not required. However, phones can still keep up with some resource-intensive activities like photo/video editing and even programming. Some jobs are also solely reliant on smartphones like social media management and phone support.

Although smartphones won’t replace desktop PCs for a while now, they are starting to make big moves in space. Entrepreneurs find a great use-case scenario for them when it comes to replying to emails, scheduling meetings, and having work calls, especially while being on the go. Although smartphones are not used as professional devices by the majority, many people will use them careerwise as time moves on.

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