Decor and Purpose: Smart Glass

Decor and Purpose: Smart Glass

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The modern architectural wonders have glass as one of the essential parts of its design. Glass is lighter than any other solid construction material. It can be used on upper floors with little consideration of its weight, proving to be a useful alternative to other construction materials. But going with the designs and construction etiquettes, glass now makes up for their entire or maximum part of the plan. This trend caused many innovative designs to be created using glass. One such being smart glass, which has features that can blow your mind.

Decor and Purpose

Properties of Glass used in Constructions

The glass used in construction needs to be examined and then chosen according to its properties such as transparency, strength, malleability, or the ability to be blown into many shapes, transmittance of heat and light, etc. Last but not least is the recyclability of the glass. Many different shades, colors, shapes, and switching properties offer an exciting and beautiful aesthetic experience when combined with constructions.

Modern offices, homes, buildings, and even museums display the work of entire glass walls and rooms, rather than the traditional ones using comparatively smaller glass panes and that too only in their windows.

Different Types of Glasses

There is a myriad of glass types. A few of them used for architectural purposes are Float glasses, Tinted Glasses, Chromatic glasses, Insulated Glazed glasses, Toughened glasses, Shatterproof glasses, Laminated glasses, Fibre glasses, Glass wool, and blocks. According to needs, imagination, and price, buying these sparkling glasses would add to the construction’s aura and ambiance.

Switchable privacy glasses in offices, homes, trains, etc., are gaining popularity. They ensure privacy to the individuals inside, not letting any onlookers get a view of what is inside. The users can turn off the visibility with the click of one switch and undo the same during the day or night. That way, it works either as regular glass and a privacy promoting glass too.

What can Smart glass offer?

Glass does not act as a conductor of heat. In cold places, it keeps the room warm. It also lets the room be illuminated with the natural light that is on the outside. If that is not required, during the manufacturing process, the glass can be customized with expert advice according to customer expectations, the purpose for different shades and textures.

Self-cleaning glasses are also available in the market. But installing any category of glass on a large scale involves having an eye for cleaning them. Private glass cleaning contracts aid in the same but at different prices, according to the agency. All things need to be maintained, and glass is not an exception.

Attachments for window cleaning could be added, and buying a steam cleaner or recruiting a person for it with the right equipment can save you from dirty windows. Commercial cleaners offer these services but at a price. They save time and avoid hassle with a lot of water, cleaning lotions and dirt; dust, oil from touch, dirt, bird droppings, etc.


Living in glass-enclosed rooms would give you a closer to nature experience. But some critics devalue it as glass is always susceptible to damage in storms, earthquakes, etc. To avoid such experience and expenses, it is advisable to install limited glass blocks. That would prove to be economical, easily replaceable, and environmentally friendly. The process of manufacturing glass requires energy and craftsmanship along with sophisticated machines.

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