How to Prepare Your Car for Fall and Winter: 4 Easy Tips

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So, winter is just around the corner, and it is time to get into the extra care mode for all your belongings, especially for your precious car. There is harsh weather ahead, and driving in rain, snow, and those icy conditions will be tizzy. Very few people know that driving safely during the fall and winter months requires more than just expert driving skills. You have to pay enough attention to your vehicle and take out time for its maintenance if you want to avoid unnecessary costs of a breakdown later. Whether you do it yourself or contact a technician, make sure you keep the following maintenance tips in consideration for your new or used luxury cars

Be careful about your tires.

The road conditions tend to get in perilous conditions during winters and become highly vulnerable even for the expert drivers. The majority of road accidents and other mishaps happen due to the problematic tires of a vehicle. So, if the tires are in a worn-out state, then get them replaced. Also, keep a constant check on the tire pressure level as it gets easily affected by dropping temperatures outside. You should also opt for special tires if you encounter a lot of snow and ice in your area. These tires are designed to maintain a stronger grip on the road.

Double-check the brakes

Brakes are critical to any vehicle’s safety. A car with good stopping power can save you from so many hazards. Before the winter sets in, get your brake system properly checked, including the linings, rotors, and drums.

Many tire shops check the brakes of vehicles free of cost. So, the moment you sense the brakes of your vehicle not working, get them repaired immediately.

Inspect the lights

When the winters are near, you should make sure that your vehicles’ lights are functioning perfectly. This isn’t any rocket science, and you can easily do that on your own. Simply walk around the car and inspect if the headlight, taillight, parking light, brake light, and emergency flashers of your car are intact and working in great condition. Check for broken bulbs that aren’t working anymore and get them replaced at the earliest. After all, clear visibility is required for safe driving.

Pay attention to battery and oil.

A lot of people face problems in starting their car in cold weather. They didn’t pay any attention to charging its battery fully before the change of the season. Moreover, the battery connections need to be clean and free of corrosion as well. So, always make sure you have the battery inspected by a trained technician and get it replaced if required. Also, keep an eye on the oil and change it the moment you find it dirty. Usually, the right time to change the oil is mentioned in the owner’s manual and should be followed to save you from untold problems in the future.

Check the HVAC System and Wiper Blades

Driving with a poorly functioning HVAC (Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system is never a sensible decision. The windows and windshields easily get fogged up during winters reducing the visibility and severe mishaps. So, always ensure that the front and back defrosters and working properly. Be careful of replacing the wiper blades when required so that you have clean windshields every time you drive.

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