Reasons Why Luxury Watches Are So Very Expensive

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It feels great to wear a luxury watch. The elegance, style, the looks all gives that special feeling. But then, when the price factor comes in, that special feeling simply vanishes away. It is rather replaced with an “Oh, is it really worth it?

When someone goes out to buy a watch, whether online or from a showroom, it is different just to check on time. But when people actually go out of the way and buy an expensive watch, then it is probably just not for the purpose of timekeeping. There are many more reasons for it.

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If you have wondered all these years why luxury watches always cost a fortune, then it is good to understand that there are multitudes of reasons for that hefty price tag!

Let us find out some of the reasons below –

  • Time to design and develop unique features

This is actually the most important fact. Many buyers or readers of this blog will think why so much time and effort needs to be given to something that has already been developed many years back. Still, the reality is that if any special feature has to be incorporated then, it actually takes a lot of effort in the back end for the watch manufacturer. Design engineers spend hours and hours trying to bring some extra feature which can be claimed as “our own” by the company. The design artists also have to bring out the best to craft a special and eye-catchy design that will give instant attraction. Neither these engineers nor these artists come free or cheap. They are talented people who have to be paid heftily to get them on board.

  • The technicalities involve a lot of things.

The watch movements take a lot of time to configure the working dynamism and the settings. It needs to be durable as well. This means more testing. A good lot of amount, sometimes touching almost millions, goes into developing the “caliber” alone. The bracelet and the watch case are a little easier since they are what one might call non-technical, but still, it requires a terrific finesse of the hand, and only specialists in the industry can do it. This is more so the case when working with tolerances that are not defined. If the final product is less priced, machines are used for the finishing work, but if it is a luxury watch, then trained specialist manpower, and many of them need to sit overreach part and make the finishing.

  • The cost of what is known as the movement component

As the word itself says, the movement is the ticking mechanism of the watch, which sets the time as the day proceeds. There are mechanical movements which cost very high. Some movements are made in-house by mid-range as well as high-end brands. The quartz watches’ movement is on the lower side, but the mechanical movements are higher. Many companies have the option of buying watch movements and fitting them into their models. This can also be altered. A good mechanical movement comes in many grades and styles, and they cost almost 20 times that of quartz movements, especially if it is a Chronograph movement. The luxury watches use high-end mechanical movements, and these may run into tens and thousands of dollars.

There is no denying that every luxury watchmaker would like to see their product adorned on the wrists of a celebrity, a cine star, a famous socialite, a global business magnate, a world-famous sports celebrity. This gives them that desired “luxury branding,” which makes the mass public go after the luxury watches. The companies know this psychology very well and hence put massive amounts of branding, marketing, and image creation at the highest level. In the case of a high-end brand, the thinking for the consumer is that “there is something special about this, and I deserve this something special.” Well, absolutely no harm in that thinking. That is also what a watch connoisseur would say.

Through its design, mechanical movements, and specialties, Orient watches have created a name for themselves in the luxury watches segment. It is really worth the returns on the money that goes into buying this brand of luxury watches. The reasons above will also convince the user!

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