What to Do When a Loved One Goes Through an Addiction Relapse

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triggered by something. Maybe they were under a lot of stress at work, or something happened that made them experience extreme emotions they could not cope with. If this coincided with them being in environments where they were exposed to drugs or alcohol, they might have no longer been able to resist the cravings.

If you were not able to predict their relapse, don’t punish yourself. As we mentioned before, when you love someone who got treatment for their addiction, you want to believe that those days are over, and you can look forward to the future. Usually, people who are about to relapse or have already relapsed display certain behavioral cues like mood swings, becoming more withdrawn and secretive, impulsiveness, and physical appearance changes. They may also start missing meetings with their support group or therapist. If you can recognize the onset of a potential relapse, you will be better able to address it and get them the help they need.

Don’t Give Up Hope

As heartbreaking as a relapse may feel, it doesn’t mean that your loved one will never be able to live a happy, healthy, sober life. Rather, you should look at their relapse as a sign that they need further treatment. You can look up rehab centers in your area, for instance, Malibu Rehab, and speak to a dedicated treatment provider.

Your loved one might need to revisit the same type of treatment they had in the past or try a different one that better accommodates their needs. If they previously tried an outpatient program, they may consider an inpatient program at a residential rehab center. A dedicated treatment provider can contact support groups to learn from the experiences of other people who had a relapse and feel less alone.

You may also want to join a support group for family members and friends, so you talk about and learn ways to cope with the difficult emotions you’re experiencing right now.

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