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Will ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Characters Be Featured on New Firefighter Spin-off?
It’s time to make room for new faces in Seattle! As stated formerly, the imminent Grey’s Anatomy spin-off became given a straight-to-series order and could characterize a group of firefighters in Seattle. While it is notably feasible to have crossovers with the firefighters and medical doctors, none of the flagship series’s current regulars are likely to transport over to the spin-off.

ABC Orders Grey’s Anatomy Spin-Off About Seattle Firefighters>>>


According to The Hollywood Reporter, collection writer Shonda Rhimes desires to awareness of new characters. This will probably extinguish the rumors that forged member Jason George, who performs Ben Warren, might head to the offshoot, considering that he labored closely with firefighters within the season 13 finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

“The discussions were occurring for a while — in advance than this season. It changed into as much as Shonda to tell us whilst she had the suggestion for something that made an experience, which was pretty latest,” ABC Studios president Patrick Moran told THR. “We talked about the elements of Grey’s Anatomy that appear to resonate with the target audience — emotional storytelling, deep human connection, excessive-stakes surroundings, and strong and empowered women — and those elements will deliver over to the by-product.”

While the untitled firehouse-focused drama is the second spin-off to come back from Grey’s Anatomy following the Los Angeles-set scientific drama Private Practice starring Kate Walsh (which aired for six seasons), it’s virtually no longer the closing. Previously Rhimes advised THR about the opportunity of exploring Kevin McKidd’s person Owen, who has a navy history and is understood for his PTSD.

“Every on occasion, I give you a crazy concept. When we did our conflict episode wherein we saw Owen’s past and the history of his PTSD, I always notion that it was a high-quality world, with a MASH unit’s idea. There are a whole lot of special worlds for a spin-off,” Rhimes said at the time.

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