Bobby Flay’s Crispy Rice Recipe

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Crispy rice is a staple on many Korean or Japanese restaurant menus. It’s a delicious little bite full of texture, flavor, and umami!

Make this easy-to-follow recipe for spicy tuna crispy rice at home. This is a great appetizer that rivals most sushi restaurant dishes! These rice squares are heavenly and served with finely diced tuna, Kewpie mayonnaise, sriracha, and more.

Crispy Rice Is a Fun Way To Turn Leftover Rice Into a Whole New Dish | Kitchn


Compared to burnt rice, that’s usually considered a culinary disaster, crispy rice is quite delicious. It results from toasting cooked rice in oil, allowing it to crisp up and create a golden crust. This technique is popular in many cultures and can make various dishes. For instance, Japanese sushi chefs pack a crispy layer of rice into little squares and then fry it to perfection, creating a tasty snack often seen on TikTok.

While there are many ways to make crispy rice, the basic recipe is simple and requires just a few ingredients. The key is to use high-quality short-grain rice and toast it before adding it to the pan. Then, you can add a variety of flavorings to suit your preferences.

Mix your rice with water and salt in a medium saucepan. Thoroughly rinse the rice to remove any excess starch and prevent it from sticking together. This is especially important if you’re using leftover rice, as the starch will have had a chance to retrograde and adhere to the grains. Also, use a heavy-bottomed pot to distribute heat evenly and prevent the rice from burning.

Once the rice is cooked, stir in the sugar and sesame oil. Then, transfer it to a baking sheet lined with plastic wrap. The plastic will help the rice adhere to itself while it chills, which ensures that each grain retains its shape when fried.

Leave the rice to cool for at least 2 hours. If you have the time, chilling it overnight is even better, as this will allow the grains to become more rigid and easier to cut into crisp rice squares.

To finish, mix in any desired toppings. For example, finely diced tuna mixed with Kewpie mayonnaise, sriracha sauce, and furikake seasoning would be delicious. You can also add a splash of soy sauce, tamari, or fish sauce for a little bit of salt to enhance the umami flavor of the dish.

Once you’ve mixed all your desired ingredients, use a spatula to flatten the rice into an even layer. Then, transfer the rice to a preheated oven and bake until the top becomes crisp and golden brown. You can cook the rice in a skillet or braiser if you don’t have a range. When ready, remove from the pan and dot with the remaining butter.


A crispy rice dish is a versatile and delicious alternative to fried rice. You can use it to top sushi rolls or as a side; in other words, that call for fried rice. The rice can also be eaten individually as a snack or dessert. Crispy rice is made by packing cooked rice and then frying it in small squares. It is usually served with sweet and savory ingredients, such as fruits or vegetables. The rice can also be coated with various sauces and seasonings. This dish is popular in many Asian countries.

When making crispy rice, it is important to use short-grain rice. This variety has a higher starch content and will crisp up better than other types of rice. It is also important to toast the rice before adding it to the pan. This will help to dry out the rice and create a crispy texture.

Before cooking, it is important to wash the rice thoroughly. This will remove excess starch and prevent it from sticking to the rice grains. It is also important to use a heavy-bottomed pot so the rice cooks evenly. It is also a good idea to cook the rice in batches. This will prevent the rice from becoming too moist and clumping together.

Once the rice has been cooked, it should be cooled completely. This will help it to firm up and make it easier to cut into pieces. It is also important to let the rice rest for a few hours before serving it. This will help the rice to become crispier and more flavorful.

It is also important to choose a high-quality oil for cooking the rice. The best options are vegetable oil, canola oil, and grapeseed oil. These oils have a high smoke point and will not burn or stick to the rice when it is fried. They are also neutral in flavor, so they will not interfere with the taste of the rice.

To finish the recipe, adding a dash of soy sauce, tamari, or fish sauce is a good idea. This will add a little bit of salt to the rice and balance out the sweetness. You can also add a sprinkle of sesame seeds or minced chives to give the rice a more traditional Japanese flavor.


The key to making crispy rice is to fry it until it becomes a light golden brown. It’s best to use high-quality cooking oil with a high smoke point to achieve this. This helps to prevent the rice from burning or becoming soggy. You can also add other ingredients, such as sesame oil or salt, to flavor the rice.

The type of rice used is also important. Short-grain sushi rice is ideal, as it has a high starch content and holds together well during frying. Other types of rice, such as long-grain or medium-grain rice, may not crisp up as easily. The texture of the rice also depends on the cooking method. If the rice is deep-fried, it will be crispier than pan-fried rice.

Aside from the cooking methods, several other things can affect the final texture of the rice. For example, using too much water can cause the rice to become mushy and difficult to fry to a crisp. Another common problem is using too much oil or adding the oil to the rice too quickly. If the rice is added to the hot oil too soon, it will absorb and become greasy.

Finally, it’s important to chill the rice before frying. This will help the rice to firm up and make it easier to cut into even pieces. It’s also a good idea to line the baking dish with parchment paper or plastic wrap before adding the rice, making it easy to remove and flatten.

When the rice is completely cooled, it can be stored in an airtight container for up to 3 days. The rice will lose some crispiness over time, but it can still be eaten.

Bobby Flay’s crispy rice recipe is an easy and delicious meal that will please everyone at your table. This versatile dish is perfect for various occasions and can be served with sweet and savory dishes. You can also top it with different toppings to create an even more delicious dish.


If you’ve ever dined in a Japanese or Korean restaurant, you’ve probably tried a crunchy sushi roll or another dish with a layer of rice beneath savory fish. These tasty bites mix soft and creamy seafood, nutty and crunchy rice, and tangy kimchi or scallions. Now you can make this popular combination at home using Bobby Flay’s simple recipe for crispy rice. This dish is easy to make and can be served as a quick snack or main course.

The key to making this dish is to cook the rice until it becomes crispy and golden brown on the bottom. This is achieved by adding enough oil to the pan or skillet to coat it. Choosing an oil that can withstand high heat, such as vegetable or canola oil, is recommended. This will help the rice crisp up without burning or sticking to the pan. Other oils, such as sesame or coconut oil, can add a flavorful twist to the rice.

Another key to a successful batch of crispy rice is washing the rice before cooking. This step removes the excess starch and prevents it from gelatinizing when heated. Soaking the rice also helps to eliminate any odors that might be present in it.

When you’re ready to serve, place a few slices of avocado on top of each stack of crispy rice. Then add a spoonful of the spicy tuna and garnish with toasted sesame seeds, scallions, or chives, and a jalapeno slice, if desired. This savory and delicious combination is a great addition to various appetizers, such as Hamachi Crudo (Yellowtail Carpaccio) or Miso Eggplant.

This tasty dish will become a new favorite! This savory and crunchy dish is easy to prepare and will impress your family, friends, and dinner guests. It’s also an excellent snack that can be enjoyed anytime or night, even when you’re on the go! To store leftovers, simply place them in an airtight container and refrigerate. Just be sure to reheat before serving.

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