Desklab – Portable Monitor Allows Doing More With Less

Desklab – Portable Monitor Allows Doing More With Less

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Passionate gamers and remote workers have many things in common regarding equipment. They both strive to optimize their screen experience to be as best as possible. This is often easier said than done since many people live in small spaces or do not have the budget to invest in expensive tech gadgets.

However, portable monitors such as Desklab prove that one can afford a highly functional device without breaking the bank. If you’re interested in what DLab has to offer and how well it performs, this post is for you.

What Is a DLab monitor?


Dlab or Desklab Monitor is a portable monitor designed with compactness and functionality in mind. The idea behind the design is to have a mobile device that doesn’t rely on lots of cables and adapters to deliver high-end performance.

Equipped with a brilliant 4K screen with LED backlighting and an ultra-responsive touchscreen, it delivers crystal-clear pictures. Thanks to the anti-glare screen, users can take the monitor out for a seafront adventure or work in brightly lit spaces.

DLab has two USB-C ports, a micro-USB, an HDMI, and a 3.5mm jack, allowing seamless connectivity with just about any device. Whether you want to connect a phone, computer, PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo, the DLab monitor has got you covered.

Sound-wise, it has built-in dual hi-fi speakers, eliminating the need for an external speaker set. Gamers can enjoy high-quality stereo sounds, and movie enthusiasts can fully immerse into the atmosphere.

One feature that makes the DLab monitor stand out is its Plug and Play technology. There’s no need for drivers or installations! All it takes to connect your device is to plug it in, and the monitor can get to work right away.

And if your phone battery dies when you’re out and about, the monitor can also serve as a portable charger. Simply plug the phone into the monitor to power it up.

DLab works well in a dual-monitor setup. 15-inch laptops are a perfect match for this monitor. There is also a magnetic stand to mount the monitor if necessary.

Ultimate Multi-Purpose Gadget


DLab monitor is highly versatile and has a large audience from different backgrounds. Below are the three most common uses for the monitor.


Gamers will be thrilled to learn that DLab can take their smartphone game and turn it into a realistic 15-inch screen gaming experience. The 4K Ultra-HD screen and 1080 resolution enable unparalleled mobile gaming time.

Those on a budget often bypass 4K gaming, as it’s still considered high-end. But with DLab, 4K gaming is finally available for a broader audience.


PS4 Slim players can take the device to road trips, college, or wherever and hook it up with the monitor in a second.

With a 10ms response rate, it can handle just about any online or open-world console game. It offers a stutter and lag-free gaming experience combined with a fast internet connection.

Plus, thanks to its over-the-top compatibility, it can be connected to most devices, including PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, and more.

Remote Work


Over the past few years, many people have pivoted to remote work. The transition period is rarely easy, as it involves rethinking the usual ways of delivering work. Many office workers relied on dual-monitor setups to do more things at once. Thanks to DLab, they can have their own home office dual monitor setup without investing in a whole PC system.

Photographers, graphic designers, and coders can set up an additional screen to focus on the essential details and be more productive. Those who rely on their phones to perform daily tasks can now do so on a 15-inch monitor.


Plus, thanks to its lightweight design and enhanced compatibility, DLab could be the top portable monitor on the market. Thanks to its Plug and Play technology, all it takes to start a workday is to plug it into a device of choice. You can set up an office on the beach, at the park, or at the airport in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to DLab, any phone can become a powerhouse. Filling out spreadsheets, sending emails, or copying notes becomes more convenient on a 15-inch screen.

Leisure Time


According to stats, Americans spend almost four and a half hours on their phones each day. This is over four hours of looking at six-inch screens, which, we can all agree, can only hurt the eyes. Still, many people rely on their phones to read novels, play sudoku, enter notes, or search for things on Google. Some may find this convenient, but others can’t stand staring at the small screen for too long.

That’s why displaying content on a 15-inch screen can really help relax one’s eye muscles. Equipped with an anti-glare and blue light filter, you can finally relax without causing further damage to your eyes.

Users can now watch their favorite TV shows on a large screen. All it takes is to connect the mobile device to the monitor and bring your own popcorn.

Versatile Monitor Packed With Possibilities


DLab is a genuinely versatile gadget that enables productivity, promotes mobility, and protects the eyes. Often sold at a discount, this monitor is suitable for gamers, remote workers, and those tired of looking at six-inch phones for daily internet browsing.

To learn more about this ultralight portable 4K monitor, you can check the official website

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